‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie Faces A Battle With Bill, Thomas Supports Sasha, And Ridge Confronts Quinn

What is coming up on Tuesday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers tease that a fierce battle is about to shift in a new direction as Katie and Bill work on a divorce settlement. Ridge has some ideas about how she should proceed, and this will definitely shake things up. Caroline has decided to take Douglas to New York for a bit, and in her absence, Thomas will be spending some time with Sasha. Quinn has returned to Los Angeles after splitting with Eric, but will she really stay away from him?

As We Love Soaps shares, Sasha will spend some time with Thomas during Tuesday’s show, and she will be opening up about her challenging childhood. As viewers saw on Monday, Sasha was invited to Lizzie’s christening with the family, but Julius made it clear to her that she is still an outsider. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Thomas will lend a supportive ear, and there are signs that the two will get closer as the week continues.

Previews show Quinn filling Deacon in on what happened in Monte Carlo, and as viewers know, he had tried to talk her out of this trip from the very beginning. Deacon had also voiced concerns about Quinn’s relationship with Eric, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that she will be telling Deacon that the relationship is over. However, fans aren’t so sure that she will let things go this easily, and most would bet that she will come up with a new scheme or approach soon.

Everybody back in Los Angeles was shocked to learn about Eric and Quinn, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Ridge will be tracking Quinn down to confront her himself. He will tell her that he thinks Steffy may end her marriage to Wyatt simply to get away from her mother-in-law, and of course, this is not the outcome that Quinn wants to see. Will this chat be enough to back her off once and for all?

Bill and Katie are in the middle of an ugly split, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that it is time to negotiate a divorce settlement. Bill will believe that he put together an offer that was perfectly sufficient, but Ridge is going to be buzzing in Katie’s ear that she deserves more and that he has just the plan.

While Katie will try to brush off Ridge’s suggestions, noting that she does not want to have to fight Bill in court, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Ridge will manage to be quite persuasive. Katie had made some big threats toward Bill about what she would do if she learned he was cheating with Brooke, but it seems that after all of the drama with Will, she backed off for the most part. Now, however, she will seemingly be talked into changing gears again.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Ridge’s suggestion will be for Katie to go after Bill’s shares in Forrester Creations, convincing her that she deserves them. Of course, Ridge has some ulterior motives here, as his real goal is to get Bill out of the business for his own sake, but he positions the idea as something that is in Katie’s best interest. She may be resistant initially, but it seems she will ultimately go for it, and this will enrage Bill.

As the week continues, Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Bill will turn to Brooke for a favor related to Katie. Will he ask her to try to talk Katie out of going for his shares of Forrester Creations? Brooke recently stood up for her sister in the custody battle over Will, so would she really interfere on this issue and take his side?


In addition, Steffy and the others will head back to Los Angeles, and she will remain determined to keep her mother-in-law out of her life. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that she will join forces with her father to ensure that Quinn and Eric stay apart. Toward the end of the week, Eric will decide to call a family meeting, and it sounds as if this will have everybody feeling anxious.

Will Quinn back off and allow Steffy and Wyatt to have a peaceful marriage, and will she stay away from Eric? Will Katie join forces with Ridge and take Bill for his Forrester Creations shares? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that there is plenty of drama on the way this week, and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

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