These Tweets Take The Gold! 13 Of The Funniest Tweets From The Olympics In Rio

The Olympics are full of athletes who are truly at the very top of their sports. They’ve trained for years, honed their craft, punished their bodies, sacrificed in untold ways, and they’ve made it to the competition because they are among the world’s best athletes. In turn, those of us sitting on the couch at home watch with awe and pride while cramming popcorn in our mouths and cheering for the nation of our choice.

And some of those people also tweet.

Of course, tweeting in itself is not exactly an Olympic sport, requiring neither years of training, sacrifice, athleticism or grit. But if condensing the Olympics down into 140 characters or less were an Olympic sport, these tweets would definitely take home a medal.

Here is a roundup of the best Olympic tweets so far.

Of course, taking home the gold is Ghostbusters’ star Leslie Jones, whose tweet storms were so phenomenal that she was officially invited to Rio by NBC in order to continue her hilarious tweeting on the scene.

Definitely gold medal tweeting right there.

The opening ceremony for the Olympics in Rio was highlighted in tweets. Most found it confusing.

Others still find the location of the Olympics to be troubling.

Others took Rio, a city known for its pollution, to task for highlighting climate change while their own city struggles with pollution.

Others poked a little political fun during the opening ceremony and its focus on climate change.

Moving on from the opening ceremonies, individual athletes got attention, as well. For example, the perfection in this competitor’s name did not escape notice.

Michael Phelps garnered plenty of attention.

The parents of Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman captured the spirit of every parent watching their child compete, only at a much higher level because this is the Olympics and not your kid’s local meet. Still, their tension-filled reactions while watching their daughter’s routine captured the hearts of many and sparked a flurry of tweets.

.@Aly_Raisman mom is literally me every time I watch @USAGym #Olympics2016

— katie. (@katelyndhall_) August 8, 2016

Others wanted people to know that they are athletes, too…in their own way.

We hear you. Skinny jeans should be an Olympic sport in itself.

Others realize that their own accomplishments will never measure up to those of an Olympic athlete.

Others are watching, but they have no idea who they are watching.

And others may not know who they are watching, but they don’t let that stop them from falling completely in love with each athlete they see.

Which is really not a bad attitude to have because each athlete there got there through hard work, determination and pure grit. Why not root for them all?

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