Taylor Lautner Spills The Beans About Past Relationship With Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner grilled by John Stamos and Lea Michele about past relationship with Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner joined Scream Queens co-star John Stamos on the red carpet at the FOX Summer Tour TCA Press Tour Monday not knowing that he’d be grilled about his past relationship with Taylor Swift, the Entertainment Tonight reports.

While discussing the second season of Scream Queens with Entertainment Tonight, John Stamos put the 28-year-old actor in the hot seat by mentioning how he and Swift used to date.

“It was a good time,” Lautner said, blushing. “It was a fun few months there.”

It didn’t end there, as co-star Lea Michele joined Lautner and Stamos for a Facebook Live Q&A as part of the Fox TCA presentation, as reported by E! News. After talking at length about what fans should expect from the upcoming season of Scream Queens, John told Michelle, “I exposed who Taylor dated earlier in one of the interviews.”

“You mean in life or on the show?” Michele asked. “Who’d you date in life?”

“I don’t know,” Taylor, blushing again, replied.

“He dated quite a few girls,” Stamos continued. “There was a list. Right, Taylor?”

“I need to catch up,” a visibly amused Michele said.

“Um…I mean…yeah, I’ve dated some people,” Taylor admitted.”You dated Taylor Swift,” Michele told her blushing co-star. “I remember that.”

“That’s hilarious,” Lautner said.

Michele was just getting warmed up, as she continued to grill Lautner about Swift, asking if she wrote a song about him.

“Should we talk about it?” Lea teased.

“No!” Lautner said. “I don’t know why you guys want to talk about it.”

“Didn’t she write a song about you?” asked Michele.

“That’s what she does,” Lautner admitted. “She writes songs.”

Stamos, who doesn’t appear to be familiar with Swift’s songs, asked which song Michele was talking about. Michele, however, couldn’t remember what song it was, but said that it had something to do with a sweater and a hat.

“That’s ridiculous!” John replied. “Did she make you a hat?”

“It’s like your hat… in December!” Michele said. Knowing that it won’t take long for Michele to finally figure it out, Lautner finally mentioned the title of the song himself. “It’s called ‘Back to December,'” he said.

“Back to Your Hat in December?” Stamos joked.

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift, who were once collectively referred to by fans as “Taylor Squared,” dated for a few months in 2009. While their relationship didn’t last long, they were able to play a couple and share a kiss in Garry Marshall’s Valentine’s Day. The film was released in February, 2010, two months after they split up.

Lautner and Stamos also talked about their inclusion in the hit Fox horror comedy Scream Queens. During the interview, Taylor revealed how he talked his way out of appearing shirtless in a scene on account of the numerous times he appeared shirtless in the Twilight film franchise.

“The first script had both of us shirtless in separate scenes,” Stamos explained. “He talked his way out of it. It got rewritten.” he explained. “I’ve had so much shirtless in my life that I need a little break,” Lautner said. “But there is a fair amount of sexy scenes for everyone. I haven’t been shirtless yet but I’ve been stripped down a little bit.”

Stamos said that his shirtless scenes have been re-written as well, but the end result required him to go completely naked in the shower.

“Mine went from shirtless to completely naked in the shower,” he said. “Then, the next episode, it was already written. Glen Powell and I have a naked shower scene together.”

“On Friday night I get a letter from my lawyer saying, ‘Hey, check this out,’ and it was from legal saying, ‘We’d like to show John Stamos’ butt in episode 203 and 202. Is that alright?’ I was like alright, well, here we go,” he added. “I’m 53 next week, I might as well get it out there now.”

[Photo by Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP]