‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 4 Finale: What Questions Does ‘OITNB’ Need To Answer In Season 5? [Spoilers]

Orange Is the New Black‘s Season 4 finale was arguably the most explosive episode in the Netflix original series yet. With that in mind, Season 4 of the hit show left many questions for the next season to answer. So what are the all important questions that Orange Is the New Black Season 5 needs to answer?

[Ed. Note: this article contains spoilers for Orange Is the New Black Season 4.]

Will Daya pull the trigger on CO Humphrey?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Orange Is the New Black Season 4’s explosive finale saw the prison descend into a full-on riot, with Daya picking up a gun and holding it to the face of CO Humphrey. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that Season 5 will pick up directly where Season 4 ended, as is customary with the show. However, the show’s writers will first need to decide whether or not Daya will pull the trigger on the widely hated CO Humphrey.

Dascha Polanco, the actress who portrays Daya seems to think that her character will pull the trigger, saying “I could see her pulling the trigger. Daya’s definitely experiencing some postpartum depression. She might pull back and think about being a mother and not wanting to miss the opportunity of being with her child. But a woman going through postpartum — at that point, they’re very fragile and very sensitive.”

What will be the repercussions of the riot for the inmates and staff of Litchfield?

As aforementioned, Season 4 of Orange Is the New Black sees the prison descend into full-on chaos, which will undeniably leave Season 5 dealing with the repercussions of that riot. According to TV Guide, the prison descending into chaos could finally spell the end for Piscatella and the other new guards. Caputo found himself unable to stand up to MCC in the show’s season finale and get rid of Piscatella’s gang of guards. With that in mind, it could be up to the inmates of Litchfield to dispose of the much-hated officer once and for all.

However, there’s almost certainly going to be repercussions for the inmates of Litchfield too. Could the riot see even more of the prison’s inmates end up dead? Season 5 will need to answer that key question.


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Will Judy King make it out of Litchfield alive?

One of Season 4’s most prominent storylines surrounded fictional television personality Judy King. The season ended with King being transported out of Litchfield after becoming something of a controversial inmate. However, she was quickly caught up in the riot. So will Judy King make it out of the prison alive?

Surrounded by inmates, King’s path out of Litchfield was completely blocked. However, the prison’s staff might not necessarily want King to get out the prison and tell her story of what’s happening inside.

How will the prison cope with a new wave of inmates?

If the events of Orange Is the New Black‘s Season 4 finale are anything to go by, the show’s next season is undeniably going to be pretty packed. However, the inmates of Litchfield are set to contend with yet another crisis as they try to cope with even more inmates making Litchfield their home. MCC is keen to pack the prison with as many inmates as possible, which could spell trouble for the already overcrowded prison.

Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black is expected to hit Netflix in the summer of 2017, giving fans a good while to wait before those all important questions from the show’s fourth season finale are answered.

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