Netflix Reportedly Loses Streaming Rights To Dozens Of A&E Shows

Netflix Loses A&E Content

Netflix has reportedly lost the streaming rights to dozens of television programs from A&E Networks, according to The Hollywood Reporter. As of Friday night, shows like Storage Wars and American Pickers were nowhere to be found. Reports indicate that the company’s rights to these shows expired on Friday, causing them to effectively vanish from the service.

Variety reports that the reasons for the departure of several popular A&E shows from Netflix streaming remains unclear. One source claims that discussions between the two companies ultimately broke down, while another claims that Netflix decided not to pursue a new agreement with the cable network weeks ago.

Although programs such as Hoarders and Pawn Stars may be gone, several A&E shows are still available on the streaming service. Still, the departure of the network’s more popular shows is quite hefty, and reportedly rivals that of Starz’s departure from Netflix earlier this year.

According to Variety, A&E might not be the only content provider Netflix is severing ties with this year. Programs from National Geographic are also allegedly on the proverbial chopping block, though neither company has commented on the rumors as of this writing.

With Netflix shedding content, users may decide to take their streaming business elsewhere. Unfortunately for the company, it would seem that competitors are popping up on a regular basis. Bloomberg is reporting that the proposed Redbox-Verizon streaming service should be available to consumers later this year. If all goes accordingly, the subscription service will deliver movie streaming and sales by the time Christmas rolls around.

Amazon Prime, meanwhile, continues to pick up steam. Although the company doesn’t disclose subscriber information to the media, the service’s numerous deals with big-name content providers suggests that the company’s popularity among consumers is on the rise. For just $79 a year, customers have access to two-day free shipping, the Kindle lending library, and over 25,000 streaming movies and television shows.

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