‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 4: ‘New Girl’ Cast To Join Crossover Episode Airing This Fall

Two of Fox’s longest-running comedies, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl, are set to crossover this fall, as part of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s fourth season. In what is being championed as a comedy first, the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl will join forces in an hour-long special episode to air this fall.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox’s leading comedies Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl already air back to back on Tuesday evenings, however, on October 11, their slots will be combined for a one-hour special. New Girl creator Elizabeth Meriwether was delighted to be bringing the cast of her show into a crossover with the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, saying “The crossover episode has historically been the artistic high point of any show that has dared to attempt it, New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will proudly and humbly go where few shows have gone since the 1990s. We know we have big shoes to fill, and we look forward to disappointing everyone.”

Fox are yet to confirm exactly how the two worlds of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl will collide. The former is a sitcom set in a Brooklyn police precinct, whilst flatshare sitcom New Girl is largely believed to be based in and around Los Angeles. With that in mind, the logistics of how Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl‘s much-loved characters will collide are a little baffling, but if anyone can manage it, it’s Fox.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which stars Andy Samberg and New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel, are set to air their fourth and sixth seasons on September 20, before the October 11 crossover event a few weeks later. Before then, Fox is expected to confirm the premise of the crossover and exactly how the cast of the two shows will come together. It also remains to be seen whether or not the crossover episode will take place in New York, where Brooklyn Nine-Nine is set, or Los Angeles, the setting for New Girl.


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That being said, according to Den of Geek, the two shows are hardly breaking ground with this crossover episode. Such episodes have become something of a staple for television networks over the past couple of years, with The CW regularly bringing together characters from its suite of DC shows. At the same time, CBS regularly bring together two of their most popular shows; NCIS and Criminal Minds. That being said, for many networks, two shows need to be pretty closely related in order to qualify for a crossover event of this nature.

Fox have been a little late to jump on the bandwagon with crossovers. In fact, their only recent crossover event brought together Sleepy Hollow and Bones last season. It was initially branded as something of an obscure choice by the network to bring together the shows, but Fox did manage to pull it off.

In bringing together Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl, two comedies, Fox is trying something a little different with their next attempt at a crossover. Not only will the special event provide an hour’s worth of comedy, but it’ll be the first time since the 90s that a network has brought two sitcoms together. However, if the event is a success, it could see Fox regularly bringing the two comedies together and ultimately, other networks following suit.

[Image via Fox]