Leah Block Blames Editing For Rant On Amanda Stanton, Tells Nick Viall She Loves Him

Is Leah Block as bad as she seemed on Bachelor in Paradise? On Monday night, as the latest episode of the spin-off aired, Leah, who was previously on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, defended herself. Leah, in particular, defended herself when it came to what viewers heard her say about Amanda Stanton.

Leah was shown making some very bad comments about Amanda after her love interest, Nick Viall, with whom she had just gone on a date with, declined to go out on a date with her again in favor of taking Amanda out. On Twitter, Leah posted a clip of the scene in which she made some disparaging comments about Amanda, a single mother of two young girls. Leah claimed that the scene was edited. Yet several viewers, pointing out that Leah said what she did, asked her how producers edited her out to look like the bad guy. So far, Leah has not responded with an explanation.

Speaking to the camera, Leah made clear that she thinks that Nick was making the wrong choice with Amanda. Leah pointed out that Amanda is a mom of two children. Leah also described Amanda as “dependent” and “needy.”

“She’s a mom. She has two kids. And, you know, if a man wants that type of woman, dependent all the time and needy…I don’t see her really being able to be the one.”

Leah also said that she feels confident that Nick will choose her over Amanda.

Despite what happened on Bachelor in Paradise, Leah apparently has no negative feelings toward either Nick or Amanda. On Twitter, Leah jokingly asked Nick about going for Amanda instead of her. Leah then clarified that she loves both Nick and Amanda and that she’ll make out with Amanda too if she was him.

When Nick opened himself up to viewer questions as the latest episode aired, he didn’t criticize Leah. In response to one viewer who asked Nick if he enjoyed his date with Leah, Nick said that he thought that Leah was very nice.

The latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise showed the arrival of Leah Block. Compared to her time on The Bachelor pursuing Ben Higgins, Leah’s lips looked much bigger. On Twitter, Leah responded to all the attention that her lips were getting by admitting that she got temporary lip fillers. She added that half of the women on the spin-off have lip fillers and declared that her happiness is all that matters.

She later joked that she had 12 plastic surgery procedures done in the last month.

Leah and her new lips weren’t exactly welcomed by those already at paradise. The twins, Emily and Haley Ferguson, reminded viewers that Leah’s the “lying **ch” from Ben’s season.

During Ben Higgins’ season, Leah gossiped negatively about Lauren Bushnell, whom she was supposedly friends with, to Ben. When Lauren found out that someone spoke ill of her to Ben, she cried. Leah feigned ignorance and straight out denied being the guilty person when asked about it by another contestant. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lauren, who ended up getting engaged to Ben and is still engaged to him today, later posted a message about forgiveness while Leah told her that she loves her.

Proclaiming that they both like protein, Leah’s first move in paradise was to ask for Chad Johnson. Upon finding out that Chad was kicked off for threatening violence, making misogynistic statements, and being disrespectful to the resort’s staff, Leah asked Nick Viall out.

During their date, Leah seemed to have a little bit too much to drink. Yet the two did end up kissing, which Leah summed up as a “lighthearted kiss.” Back at the resort, Leah proclaimed that Nick “was very complimentary towards [her].” She added that she’s very attracted to him.

Unfortunately for Leah, when Nick received a date card just a few hours later, he didn’t ask her out on a second date. Instead, he asked Amanda out. When Amanda, who was also on Ben Higgins’ The Bachelor season, got ready for her date, Leah pointed out that they use the same makeup products and basically accused Amanda of trying to be her. The Ferguson twins, who witnessed the scene, gave Leah dirty looks. One of them then concluded that “Amanda’s 5 million times prettier than [Leah.]”

Prior to the rose ceremony, Leah tried to convince Nick that Amanda Stanton wasn’t the right woman for him. When Nick remained unconvinced, Leah turned to insulting him, telling him that he has been on the show franchise “more times than [he] should have.” Not surprisingly, Nick gave his rose not to Leah but to Amanda. Left without a rose, Leah was sent home.

Leah Block doesn’t seem to be letting all the viewer criticism get to her. Instead, she seems to be loving all of the attention. As Bachelor in Paradise aired, she celebrated how many tweets she’s being mentioned on.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]