Tara Reid Admits She Faked Relationship To Get On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ For Money

It seems Tara Reid is more desperate than fans thought, for attention and money, as she has admitted that she faked a relationship with Dean May to make some bank. Reid was shamed publicly on Marriage Boot Camp and forced to admit that she made a deal with May for the money. And it seems that Dean May isn’t even her boyfriend, which made the interactions between Reid and May make far more sense, as something seemed off from day one. Whether Tara Reid was on Marriage Boot Camp for money or attention, she didn’t seem to be there for genuine relationship tips.

Tara Reid is hardly the first person to be accused of faking a relationship for reality television, according to The Inquisitr. Wendy Williams has called out the Kardashians for being fake, and their relationships for being one more scam. Williams called out Kim and Kanye for being a relationship of convenience, and Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna as a scam coordinated by Kris Jenner. Williams also believes that the Kardashian machine has abused Rob, and taken advantage of Lamar Odom. Williams suggested that, like Tara Reid, the Kardashians would do anything for a buck.

US Weekly says that Tara Reid truly thought she could fool people by faking a relationship to get on Marriage Boot Camp. Obviously, Tara Reid either didn’t predict that she and/or her partner would get hooked up to a lie detector, or she perhaps thought she could fool that too. The whole lie detector scenario spurred yet another Tara Reid meltdown, and once again, Dean labels her crazy.

“It was a disaster,” Tara reported of her fight with Dean May the night before. “He kept cutting me off, cutting me off, cutting me off.” Dean’s version of their spat was simple: Tara’s “crazy train” had left the station, and he’d “never wanted to get off so badly.”

Tara and Dean faked a break up, and Tara gets on the bus that will take the women, as singletons, out to a club, and fake as if she is going to admit something. The women lean forward thinking that Tara is finally come clean about faking a relationship, but no. Instead she throws Dean under the bus as the liar.

“Now that we’re all leaving tomorrow, I might as well come clean. Do you think Dean owns a club? He does not own a club.”

But later, Dean can’t take anymore and admits that he and Tara Reid are not involved.

“We’re just friends. We’re not having a relationship.”

Other members of the cast of Marriage Boot Camp are watching a video feed of Tara and Dean, and they learn what they had suspected.


“I did it for you because you said, ‘I just wanna make a little bit of money, and I wouldn’t mind the fame.'”

Fishwrapper says that Tara Reid and Dean May seemed like ships in the night, as they seemed more like annoyed friends than a couple in need of marital therapy on Marriage Boot Camp. Tara Reid seemed to be under more stress than that of a woman in a relationship that needs help, she seemed to be acting. Fishwrapper labeled their relationship “strange and unfathomable.”

During the season of Marriage Boot Camp, Tara and Dean seemed consistent. Dean would call Tara crazy, and then Tara would act crazy. The men seemed to accept Dean, but the women were far more suspicious of Tara, and felt that they couldn’t trust her, and now they know why.

Do you think less of Tara Reid now that she admitted that she lied in order to get on the reality show Marriage Boot Camp?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]