Nick Viall Disses Josh Murray While Josh Blames Editing For His Bad Guy Portrayal

The feud between Nick Viall and Josh Murray is alive and well. On the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Josh, who beat Nick out for Andi Dorfman’s hand in marriage on Season 10 of The Bachelorette, surprised everyone with his presence. Fully aware that Nick had just gone out on a date with Amanda Stanton, Josh still asked her out. After the date, Nick and Josh, alone together, exchanged some tense words.

As the episode aired on Monday night, Nick, via Twitter, directly addressed Josh’s behavior and words. At one point during the episode, Josh, speaking to the camera, seemingly likened himself to a lion and Nick to a sheep.

“There’s lions, and there’s sheep. Roar,” Josh said.

Regarding Josh’s statement, Nick posted a tweet that made clear that he’s not impressed with Josh’s metaphors. Nick pointed out that lions don’t hunt sheep.

Josh also posted some tweets as the episode aired. Josh is apparently not happy with how the episode portrayed him, for he re-tweeted a fan’s tweet that defended him. The fan tweeted that she’s not happy with how the show is making Josh look for the sake of ratings.

Josh also re-tweeted another person’s tweet that bashed Nick. The tweet criticized Nick for bringing up Andi’s book. The fan added that anyone who knows Josh knows that Andi’s book is full of lies and is garbage.

The person later tweeted that she’s Josh’s friend and has no desire to read anything that Andi wrote for fame.

Josh claims that his scene with Nick after he returned from his date with Amanda was heavily edited to make him look bad.

Josh denied that he went on the spin-off just to start something with Nick. Josh maintained that he was there only to find an amazing woman.

According to Josh, it’s Nick who may have joined the show with the wrong intentions.

On the latest Bachelor in Paradise episode, Nick Viall, with a date card in hand, asked Amanda Stanton, who was the third runner-up on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, out on a date. At dinner, Nick asked Amanda what’s underneath her sweet exterior. Amanda told Nick that despite her sweet persona, she has never been a doormat. As for what she’s looking for a man, Amanda said that she wants a man who will make her life even better than it already is. After dinner, while sitting next to a fire on the beach, Nick declared that he loves fires and then went in for a kiss.

On Twitter, Nick poked fun of his conversation skills.

At the rose ceremony, Nick offered Amanda his rose and she accepted. Unfortunately for Nick, his old nemesis, Josh Murray, showed up to paradise the next day. With a date card in hand, Josh, who learned from the others that Nick and Amanda went out on a date, asked to talk to Amanda. Amanda told Josh about her two young daughters while Josh talked about his dog. He then asked Amanda out on a date, which she accepted. Josh told the camera that he knows that Nick’s interested in Amanda but he doesn’t care.

Clearly unimpressed with Josh’s presence, Nick questioned Josh’s intentions and brought up what Andi wrote about him in her book.

On their boat date together, Amanda asked Josh about what his ex-fiancee, Andi Dorfman, wrote about him in her book. Josh told Amanda that what Andi wrote about him was all fiction. He said that he doesn’t let what she wrote about him affect him at all because “God knows what the truth is.” Josh then told Amanda that one day, he’ll tell her the “nonfiction story.” While snorkeling, Josh and Amanda kiss. Throughout the date, Amanda seemed much more into Josh than she was with Nick.

Josh and Amanda returned from their date looking and behaving like a loved-up couple. Later, Nick and Josh were left alone together. Nick told Josh that he doesn’t need his permission to date Amanda. Josh, seemingly wanting to rub his great date with Amanda in Nick’s face, said that he had an incredible time with Amanda, “just so he know[s].” Josh added that “God handles everything” and he’s going to trust his plan. Nick accused Josh of “being an a** for no reason.” Josh’s response to Nick’s description of him as an “a**” was to find Amanda and kiss her right in front of Nick.

Amanda apparently received a lot of messages from viewers telling her which man is better for her. She posted a tweet that expressed her exasperation with the Team Nick vs. Team Josh feud.

Yet Jubilee Sharpe, who left paradise after not getting a rose, made clear whose side she’s on. She tweeted that she’s Team Nick.

Nick and Josh’s tense exchange on Bachelor in Paradise wasn’t surprising given what happened between them while pursuing Andi on The Bachelorette. On the After the Final Rose special, with Josh backstage waiting to celebrate his engagement to Andi, Nick asked Andi why she made love to him if she wasn’t in love with him. As the audience gasped in shock, Andi replied that Nick’s question was a “low blow.” Right after the live special, Josh, in an interview with RumorFix, lashed out at Nick, saying that he and Andi don’t associate themselves with people like Nick.

Andi’s romance with Josh ended up short-lived. Andi, after her engagement to Josh ended after about nine months, went on to write a memoir/tell-all, It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After. The book contains a lot of sensational claims about Josh, including that he was emotionally abusive and manipulative. Andi even wrote that Josh called her “a b***h” and “a w***e.” She summed up her relationship with Josh as “the most volatile and f****d up relationship of my life.”

Andi Dorfman’s book also mentions Nick. According to her, Nick revealed that they had sex together during their fantasy suite overnight date because he was mad that she refused to see him after getting engaged to Josh.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after her breakup with Josh, Andi denied having cheated on Josh with Nick during the engagement after photos surfaced of her with Nick.

When it comes to Josh Murray and Nick Viall on Bachelor in Paradise, will viewers see a repeat of what happened on Season 10 of The Bachelorette? Will Josh leave with the girl, leaving Nick brokenhearted? In response to a viewer who asked Nick whether he found love in paradise, Nick teased that she’ll have to keep watching to find out.

Josh, meanwhile, tweeted that life is good.

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