Healthy Food Discount A New Joint Effort Between Walmart And Humana

Healthy food is a big topic of contention in this country, and if you (like me) are a single parent, you can see why — but retailer Walmart and health company Humana are teaming up to change that.

Healthy food may be your preference to eat, but with picky kids and no other adults in the house, keeping okra and kale on hand may not be cost effective. Let’s face it — on a Tuesday night, you can spend a bunch on organic broccoli and free range chicken for dinner, or you can get your kids the $10 deal at Sonic with slushees, burgers and small fries and not deal with a sink full of dishes and an I don’t wanna eat it whine.

This conundrum surrounding healthy food — the relative prohibitive cost and labor for working families — has long been divisive in the headlines and in homes. Some people will argue that providing healthy food is a parental obligation, but some people don’t have a son that literally only eats breaded chicken, pizza and toast.

But next month, healthy food may become a more accessible commodity for Walmart shoppers, thanks to the joint initiative between the mega retailer and Humana.

Starting on October 15, certain healthy food products, labeled as Good For You options, will be available at a five percent discount at Walmart locations for HumanaVitality customers. Danit Marquardt, a Walmart spokesperson, explains:

“Our customers receive savings in our stores every day through our everyday low prices on healthier foods … We are equally dedicated to exploring innovative ways to bring down the cost of healthcare in America. This program offers a new way to help us accomplish this goal.”

For those without HumanaVitality, experts note similar healthy food discount programs exist in chains nationwide.