Bee Venom Mask Used By Kate Before Royal Wedding Coming To US Shores

A bee venom mask famously used by Kate Middleton before her marriage to Prince William last year was hotly buzzed about (hee, hee) on the web and in magazines, and everyone wanted to get their hands on the bizarre beauty product.

Bee venom may sound at first to the uninitiated like a very, very strange ingredient to be sought after in a pricey beauty potion — and indeed, the product goes, per the Daily Mail, for “£65 a pot.” (Which is about $105 in US dollars.)

But bee venom is not too strange in the realm of beauty products, and one “venom” product, Doo-Wop’s Lip Venom, is a lippie that espouses essentially the same premise.

The way the bee venom mask by beauty therapist to the royals Deborah Mitchell works is, containing one percent actual bee venom, it creates a mild post-sting reaction in the skin, tricking facial skin into supplying blood and collagen to “heal” the venom away. Or so the theory goes.

Mitchell’s services and her line of skincare, Heaven (which includes the bee venom mask), is said to be a favorite of the Royal stepmom Camilla. A source tells the Daily Mail:

“Deborah has been treating Camilla for six years now … Like any customer who finds something good, Camilla has told her friends and in-laws, including Kate. Now she visits the Royal Family wherever they are in residence. They are lovely to her.’

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The bee venom mask also contains honey, shea butter, rose and lavender essential oils and a “secret ingredient.” Aspiring royals who wish to try the bee venom mask will be pleased to know that the product is making its way to a select few outlets stateside, and Mitchell herself will be making appearances in a few beauty shops on US shores.