‘Goddess’ Marina Joyce Implores YouTube Following To Help Her Build A Shrine In Peru

The curious case of what has befallen YouTube personality Marina Joyce has taken another strange turn, while solidifying rumors regarding her well-being.

The English makeup phenom, 19, recently made headlines, including here on the Inquisitr, for the sudden, troublesome peculiarity she displayed in recent posts made to the video site. Now asking her fans to refer to her as “Goddess Marina,” the young woman shared an excessively-worded Facebook status on Sunday afternoon (August 7) that asks fans to help build a shrine.

“I found a couple secrets about the after life,” she wrote, “and I know that [there’s a way] to contact humans during the after life. I want to become [a god and] I want to create a temple and a shrine where I am known as God of the Shrine. I would like to spend my time there with people drawing art, doing meditation, understanding people, [and] helping them with their problems.”

Joyce went on to explain that she would like to see the temple built in Peru.

“I am thinking Machu Pichu, but I’m not too sure where to build my temple. Could everyone leave [me] comments [that explain] to me [just] how I would build this temple, how much money I would need, [and] how I can get someone to sculpt a statue for me and paint it?”

As for how she would help others connect to the “spirit world,” Marina didn’t say but she did allude to a controversial selling point of recent Peru tourism: a plant known as iowaska (sometimes spelled “ayahuasca”).

“[My shrine] will [also have] a Kundalini yoga meditation retreat,” Joyce claimed, “so you will [be able to] have a strong energetic force flowing through your body, [while becoming] one [with] peace and nature.”

Fellow YouTube personality Philip DeFranco, who interviewed Marina following the creation of the #SaveMarinaJoyce Twitter movement (which was also reported here on the Inquisitr), broke down the connection between Kundalini retreats and iowaska on his Monday PDS (The Philip DeFranco Show, a daily, online news broadcast).

“[Iowaska] is an Amazonian plant mixture that is legal in Peru, but illegal in the United States and many other countries,” Philip explained. “It is an incredibly strong hallucinogen that gives people mind-altering states for 4 to 8 hours. Many people pair Kundalini yoga retreats with iowaska.”

Sadly, it also loans credence to the many rumors of drug use that other YouTubers and confidantes of Marina have been sharing for weeks. During her DeFranco interview on July 27, Joyce vehemently shot down those claims.

“I promise I would never do [drugs],” she remarked. “I care about myself, I care about my body [and] I care about what goes in my body. I would never do that.”

In an ironic twist, Goddess Marina initially claimed that her sudden switch in behavior was all due in part to a recent conversion to Christianity.

marina joyce
[Photo via Marina Joyce/Facebook]

“I had this whole spiritual quest in my life,” she said during the DeFranco sit-down, which took place over Skype. “I realize [that] I shouldn’t have [kept that from] my viewers. I’ve made a lot of mistakes on YouTube, but I believe that most of my mistakes have [been] cancelled out because people care for me so much, and because [I’ve been] saved.”

Joyce now believes that as a god, she has the power to protect the world from self-destruction.

“The Power of God is to help other people,” she wrote, “and this is my will to help others on Earth [so we] can create a community of higher intellectual beings who can change the world with a click of a finger. This is my will, so I can be alive on Earth forever.”

See Marina Joyce’s full troubling post here.

[Image via Marina Joyce/Facebook]