Olsen Twins, Katie Holmes Help Boost Clothing Sales

Contemporary clothing lines from such acclaimed celebrity fashion designers as Katie Holmes and the Olsen twins have helped boost sales at a number of major retailers, according to Bloomberg. Offerings from the likes of Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham have also contributed to the sudden spike in business. Given that these women are in the public eye more often than not, each appearance ultimately serves as a promotional event for their work.

Neiman Marcus, for instance, has reportedly enjoyed quite a bit of success with Rachel Zoe’s line of clothing. “We have had great response from customers and a very successful launch,” company fashion director Ken Downing explained. “We probably have more celebrity-driven collections than ever before.” That, by the way, wasn’t a complaint.

Contemporary collections, much like the Olsen Twins’ Elizabeth & James, have sold well for a number of clothing retailers, including such high-profile establishments as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Saks. Barney’s New York, which also carries collections from Katie Holmes, has also had success with the Olsens’ offerings.

According to market research firm NPD, women’s clothing sales were up three percent since June of 2011. Many businesses contribute the success of these collections to the free press these celebrities receive from the paparazzi. When someone spies the Olsen twins in a tabloid, they could, in theory, rush out to Bloomingdales and pick up something inspired by their look.

The Olsen twins hope to transform their success and celebrity into even more cash money when they release a new signature scent next year. According to the Belfast Telegraph, the duo’s first fragrance will be sold exclusively at Sephora beginning next March.

“We look forward to bringing the modern perspective and fashion philosophy of Elizabeth and James designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to life with this prestige fragrance,” Sephora Originals vice president Michael McGeever said.

In other news, the Olsen twins recently paid a visit to New York Fashion Week, where they debuted the 2013 spring and summer collections for their label The Row. Ashley and Mary Kate described the predominantly single-colored clothing as “a world of pure, soft, and delicate lightness.”