‘Man Of Steel 2’ Production Rumored To Be Moving Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Despite the critical struggles of the last few DC Comics movies, new reports are surfacing today that Man of Steel 2 is officially in production. This report is likely going to be welcome news to fans of Superman who had become a bit worried as to whether or not the sequel to the most recent reboot was ever going to be made.

The Wrap is claiming it has sources which have spoken specifically to the site about Man of Steel 2 and said Warner Bros. are dedicated to moving forward with the project. While the recent critical flaws of both Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman might have left some studios a bit nervous about continuing down the comic book movie path, the money that is still being generation has Warner Bros. feeling ok.

The original Man of Steel launched the latest endeavor to bring some of DC’s most well-known heroes to the big screen. Launched in 2013, it brought in more than $668 million around the world. The follow up that film, Batman v Superman was loathed by critics but had enough people in the seats that it’s currently bringing in more than $872 million worldwide.

Suicide Squad looks like it might be the biggest money maker yet after a solid opening weekend. Now it looks like the studio is going to try and make some money off one of the most popular superheroes of all time.

The problem, of course, is that since the people behind the DC character has been looking to replace Christopher Reeve, the luster has certainly come off the character. The Superman series has gotten a couple of reboots in an attempt to bring the Man of Steel back to the forefront.

The first standalone movie in this reboot, starring Henry Cavill, was met with less than stellar reviews. Even worse than the reviews were the fans who felt as though the new version of Superman wasn’t true to the character people grew up reading about.

Batman v Superman was supposed to be another way for the movie going public to see Cavill as the Kryptonian avenger before he ever had to be in his own movie again. It turns out, they were not huge fans of the look they got.

Despite all of that, Warner Bros. is going to give it at least one more try. Actually, it will be at least the fourth try. Justice League is slated to hit theaters next fall.

It’s widely known that Superman is going to be back for that ensemble film, that will also feature Batman, Wonderwoman, the Flash, and Aquaman at the very least. There is also talk that Green Arrow and a couple other heroes could make an appearance. In some regards, Justic League could act as a kind of failsafe.

If that ensemble film does poorly, either with the critics or at the box office, there’s always a chance Man of Steel 2 could get the axe. If the money keeps coming in, killing the second Superman standalone doesn’t seem likely, considering there isn’t an official launch date.

We know Wonder Woman will get her own movie in June of 2017. Justice League then hits in the fall of 2017. Aquaman is slated for July of 2018 and there is also an unscheduled Batman movie that will likely hit theaters before the Superman sequel.

That means Man of Steel 2 is probably a long way off. The Wrap pointed out there are a couple of dates on the release schedule that are still open. October 5, 2018 and November 1, 2019 are both slated for DC films, but those projects have not been named.

Look for Man of Steel 2 to fit right into one of those two slots.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]