Worst Films: Five Awesomely Bad Movies Currently Available On Netflix

The worst films, in this writer’s humble opinion, are often the best. Although most people enjoy a good Steven Spielberg movie, every now and some folks feel an inexplicable urge to watch the stuff collecting dust at the bottom of the barrel to appreciate the good stuff. Otherwise, how will you know that Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master is the best film of the year? Thankfully, the folks at Netflix have a ton of awesomely bad movies are their disposal, many of which are ready to watch right now via their streaming service.

Writer/director James Nguyen’s romantic thriller Birdemic is arguably one of the worst films currently available on Netflix. The movie actually starts off rather mundane: boy meets girl, the music swells, and love soon blossoms. However, their relationship is put to the ultimate test when the world is suddenly attacked by legions of blood-thirsty birds. Add to that some truly inspired low-budget effects and you’ve got one of the worst films ever created. It’s not pretty, but Birdemic is beyond fun.

If you’re in the market for wonderful unintentional comedies, try Lance Mungia’s The Crow: Wicked Prayer or Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky. Although Riki-Oh’s comedy is generated mostly from it’s hilarious English dubbing and its penchant for extreme violence, Wicked Prayer is just bad. Most of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Edward Furlong, who, quite honestly, should never have been cast in a Crow movie. Still, for people who actually enjoy watching the worst films ever made, this one ranks with the best of them.

Those who enjoy their bad movies with tongues pressed firmly into cheeks should consider giving Troma co-founder Llloyd Kaufman’s Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead its day in court. The flick is probably one of the most disgusting, surreal, and outrageous offerings currently available on Netflix, but it’s got entertainment value to spare. In the realm of worst films, it’s nowhere near the top, but its reliance on gore, fart jokes, and naked musical numbers separates Kaufman’s effort from the herd.

The last and most obvious choice out of the worst films currently available on Netflix is Troll 2. Directed by Italian filmmaker Claudio Fragasso, the movie — which has no connection to the first installment in the series — is one of the best worst films you’ll ever encounter. In fact, once you’ve finished watching the flick for the millionth time, you can check out Best Worst Movie, an award-winning documentary about how the film has shaped the lives of those who worked on it.

Netflix streaming is a treasure trove of obscure and forgotten cinema. And while the good movies are certainly in abundance, spending some quality time with the worst films is often far more rewarding.