Kate Middleton Is Apparently A Bit Of A Flirt, But Are The Rumors True?

Kate Middleton was reportedly all aglow in the presence of a hunky sailor recently. The duchess and Ben Ainslie, a well-known British sailor, apparently engaged in a bit of a “flirt fest” while Middleton’s husband, Prince William, was in range of the exchange.

The flirtatious scenario reportedly took place at the America’s Cup on July 24 in Portsmouth, England, after which a source spoke with the tabloids. The International Business Times shares the words of this source.

“[William’s presence at the event] didn’t stop Kate from flirting merrily with the sexy skipper. Kate is like a giddy schoolgirl around Ben… She totally adores him and [the Duchess] toyed with her hair and batted her eyelashes, while her husband stood by, looking a bit like a third wheel. Kate was all aglow and couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.”

The source also shares that Kate’s crush on the sailor has been building up for quite some time, and “sparks” between the two flew years back in 2012 while enjoying the summer Olympics in London. It was there that Ainslie won gold. In May of this year, the 34-year-old and mother of two also reportedly went for a training ride on the sailor’s catamaran.

The source adds, “[Ainslie] really floats her boat.”

Yet, are these claims by the source even remotely true? Gossip Cop has gotten to the bottom of this story involving the duchess flirtatiously interacting with Ainslie under the observation of her royal husband.

The rumor-debunking website previously dismissed a similar report that claimed Middleton and Ainslie were flirting during a training session in Portsmouth in May.

The gossip-policing site shares the truth of the matter and totally discredits the tabloid and the source associated with the story.

“Not only are the publication’s puns bad, but it’s reporting is also abysmal. There was no ‘flirt fest,’ nor does Middleton act like a ‘giddy schoolgirl’ around Ainslie by playing with her hair and batting her eyelashes. It’s all fabricated. While Middleton likes sailing, she loves her husband and there are no ‘sparks’ between her and Ainslie. A source at the America’s Cup assures Gossip Cop the tabloid’s tale is ‘rubbish.'”

The site also goes on to state that the report regarding Middleton’s crush on the handsome sailor is complete “nonsense.” The tabloid responsible for perpetuating this rumor has been guilty of similar tales about Kate Middleton and company in recent months. Just 11 months ago, the site busted the magazine for giving misguided information in a cover story that stated Kate was pregnant with her third child. The fact-checking of the tabloid has clearly continued to be inaccurate as it is obvious that Kate Middleton has yet to give birth to this fictional third child.

Other rumors have plagued Kate Middleton and her family. These have mainly revolved around the engagement of her sister, Pippa Middleton, who the tabloids have been incessant on claiming is in a feud with older sister Kate. The reason for this apparent feud, which has also been disproved by GC, all had to do with the duchess not being given the role as maid of honor in her sister’s upcoming wedding. These have all been stamped out by Gossip Cop. However, the new drama that is apparently circulating around the sisters involves the duchess not fully approving of Pippa’s beau and soon-to-be hubby, mainly due to his roguish brother.

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