Police: Florida Woman Killed Man She Met At Strip Club

A Florida woman has been arrested for the murder of a man that she had met at a strip club. KRON News 4 reports that 23-year-old Kayla Breann Evelyn Lucille Collins is accused of killing 45-year-old Jeffrey Lott.

Police say that Lott had gone to the Lollipops strip club on Wednesday night while in the Tampa Bay area. It was there that he met the Florida woman. At this time it’s not known if Kayla Collins was an employee at the club, or if she was a customer, but what is known is that the duo ended up leaving the club together.

Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis says that Jeffrey Lott and Kayla Collins went to a Denny’s restaurant after leaving Lollipops strip club on Wednesday night. While at Denny’s, the 45-year-old man consumed alcohol and didn’t want to drive. So, he allegedly had the 23-year-old woman drive him to the Holiday Inn Express, where he had a room.

Things took a confusing and violent turn after the two left the Denny’s restaurant. Authorities say the Florida woman drove to an ATM machine and then to the motel. It was in the parking lot of the motel that Kayla reportedly shot him five times. After he was dead, she reportedly drove back to Denny’s to hang out with friends.

WFLA News reports that police responded to the scene of the shooting after getting reports of gunshots heard in the vicinity. They quickly discovered the body of 45-year-old Jeffrey Lott, who had been shot to death. It only took around 24 hours for authorities to make an arrest in the case. Sheriff Nienhuis strongly believes that they’ve nabbed the right suspect.

“It is obvious. We’re sure she is the one who pulled the trigger.”

This isn’t the first bizarre story out of Florida involving strip clubs, their patrons or their employees. Earlier this year, a 32-year-old stripper from Monroe County was arrested after she smashed her SUV into another vehicle. The allegedly intoxicated exotic dancer reportedly yelled, “oh f–k,” before driving away from the scene of the wreck after she noticed that an officer was approaching. Most bizarre was the woman’s alleged attempt at eating her own shirt while she was being arrested.

Also this year, another Florida stripper was arrested after she allegedly filed a false police report. To be specific, 32-year-old Karla Vasquez allegedly faked a kidnapping in order to hide the fact that she had been cheating on her husband. She reportedly lied to her husband telling him that she’d been kidnapped, when in reality, she was spending the night with another man. Authorities in Miami figured this out rather quickly and arrested her on charges of filing a false report.

In another bizarre case, a Florida mom allegedly hired a stripper to perform for her eight-year-old son’s birthday party. For some reason, the stripper in this case thought it was okay to perform for the children, which a video has seemed to have proven. A video released regarding this case shows the woman in pink lingerie twerking on one of the children at the party.

Hernando County authorities say they aren’t sure of a motive in this most recent case, but they have charged the Florida woman in this incident with second-degree murder, armed robbery, and grand theft auto. Kayla Breann Evelyn Lucille Collins is currently behind bars, but it is not known if she is being held on bond at this time, or the amount (if she is).

[Image via Hernando County Sheriff’s Office]