Nicole Johnson: Michael Phelps’ Fiance Helping The Olympic Champion Fulfill His Biggest Dream This Year In Rio

Nicole Johnson is helping fiance Michael Phelps achieve one of his biggest goals at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

It won’t be an accomplishment that takes place on the medal stand, but instead something happening a few dozen feet away in the stands with the other spectators. It will be there that Boomer, the couple’s infant son, will be watching his dad compete in the final race of his very storied career.

Phelps and Johnson welcomed the baby boy, their first child together, back on May 5. Phelps said he was ecstatic to be having his first child, and thrilled that the boy would be there for the historic and bittersweet moment when he dives into the pool for the final time on an Olympic stage.

“One of the coolest things about being a father going into Rio is that our firstborn has the chance to see my last race ever,” Phelps told Us Weekly in March. “I think that’s something that’ll be really special that we’ll be able to share stories with him, you know, from the time he gets old enough to realize, and I’m excited to have a lot of photos and just to share the moments and memories with him growing up as a kid.”

Nicole Johnson herself is taking a front-and-center role in what is likely the final major competition for her fiance. Johnson had grabbed a bit of screen time in Phelps’ previous competition in the 2012 London Olympics, but it wasn’t until this year that Phelps popped the question and the two got engaged.

Johnson is a former beauty pageant champion, winning the title of Miss California in 2010 and serving as runner-up three years before that. She’s competed in a total of seven pageants.

But while she’s known to a national audience mostly as Michael Phelps’ fiance, Nicole Johnson is actually making a name for herself in her own field, Hollywood Life noted.

“Nicole probably knows how to plan a great date considering she is a Sales Communication Manager at Yellow Pages. As seen on her Facebook page, Nicole has been with YP since 2014. Prior to her stint at YP, Nicole worked in extensive marketing and business. What a catch! Nicole also graduated from the University of Southern California in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.”

And Michael Phelps’ fiance isn’t the only one getting famous thanks to the 2016 Rio Olympics. With many fans turning to Johnson’s Instagram page for a glimpse into the Olympic champion’s family life, their young son, Boomer, is gaining quite the following himself.

Phelps and Johnson even created an official Instagram account for Boomer, which included an adorable picture of the tot wearing a shirt with a gold medal on it.

“I’m ready to go after my daddy re-retires,” the caption read.

Johnson also used Instagram to brag about just how great the baby is at handling travel, which is a good thing for their long trip to watch Phelps compete in Rio. She posted a picture of Boomer wearing a Team USA blanked and cuddling an elephant while boasting of his abilities.

“This little man kicks butt when it comes to flying!” she wrote. “He just sleeps and sleeps and eats and sleeps.”

The couple is also doing a good job gearing Boomer up for a life in the water. They shared a number of photos with Nicole Johnson taking the infant to watch his dad at work, and Nicole’s pregnancy photo shoot even included a few shots of her underwater.

Michael Phelps’ fiance will now help the greatest swimmer in Olympic history complete his final dream. Nicole Johnson and Boomer will be in the crowd when the gun sounds on his final race, whenever that might be.

[Image via Instagram]