‘Suicide Squad’ Fans’ 10 Best Expressions Of Hate For Jared Leto’s Joker

Suicide Squad has not been the beloved movie DC hoped it would be among the critics. Despite the reviews being decidedly mixed, it’s made a bunch of money at the box office.

It appears Suicide Squad does not have Jared Leto to thank for that bankroll. The internet has gone crazy talking about just how much they don’t like his rendition of The Joker. How disliked has he been?

He’s Not That Crazy

It turns out this Suicide Squad version of the Joker is barely even referred to as the Joker. More often than not, Leto’s character is referred to as Mr. J, and he isn’t as crazy as fans normally expect the character to be. In fact, Leto’s Joker appears more of a mob boss than a loose cannon.

There are certainly parts of Suicide Squad that show how little he can be trusted to act rationally. Even those parts seem to show a sociopath who enjoys killing more than a total loon.

His On-Set Craziness Wasn’t Worth It

Jared Leto has talked a lot about how many scenes of his were cut from Suicide Squad. As io9 pointed out, he’s been rather nutty about his reaction to those cut scenes, often bringing up his own death as the only time we’ll likely see those scenes.

His Pranks Seemed To Annoy People More Than Anything Else

One of the big stories to come out of the Suicide Squad press junkets was that Jared Leto loved to stay in character as the Joker. One of the side effects of this was that he kept giving his castmates gifts that were a little weird.

At some point, it became clear there were his castmates in Suicide Squad did not enjoy the little tricks and gag gifts. The internet has done a very good job of showing just how over-the-top and not-over-the-top they thought Leto’s character was, both on screen and on set.

His Makeup Was Lame

The Suicide Squad version of the Joker didn’t just draw ire because he wasn’t crazy enough. There were plenty of people who just didn’t feel as if he looked that much like the Joker. Some Twitter users showed their displeasure with some rather hilarious comparisons.

His Joker Was Toned Way Down

Some people believe the Suicide Squad version of the Joker wasn’t entirely Jared Leto’s fault. Rather, it was a conscious decision by the filmmakers to have a more toned down killer clown. Easily the best way to show displeasure in this decision was comparing him to Poochy from The Simpsons.

Others hinted they thought the studio made up for toning down the Joker in Suicide Squad by giving him other things to do. It’s not clear just why this would be a trade off Jared Leto would be okay with, but perhaps he was still in character and thought this would be a great trick.

He’s Simply The Worst

Calling Jared Leto’s version of the Joker in Suicide Squad the worst is certainly not going out on a limb. Most of the movie-going public was unimpressed with what he had to do with the role since they saw the first preview.

It’s a safe bet those who were desperately hoping that once they saw the character in the context of the entire Suicide Squad movie, they would be able to truly enjoy his rendition were disappointed. There were certainly those who were more upset than others about the decisions Leto decided to make when it came to playing the beloved villain.

It’s pretty clear that if there were a list to be made of the best actors to ever play the Joker, Jared Leto would not be on it. That is one of the reasons Suicide Squad has struggled with the critics and fans the way it has.

[Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]