Mike Shouhed Ex-Wife Jessica Parido Fights Back Against ‘Gold Digger’ Allegations After The ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Reunion

Jessica Parido wants her fans and followers on Twitter to know that she is no gold digger.

Following her highly-publicized split from Shahs of Sunset star Mike Shouhed, Parido moved on from her marriage with Karlen Shubaralyan. After debuting their new romance and her new Rolls Royce in Los Angeles, she faced allegations of being a gold digger, which she addressed in a tweet to fans days ago.

“Gold digging? What gold was I digging for 5 years when we both had NOTHING and built something together?? @mikeshouhed,” Jessica Parido wrote to fans on August 3.

In a second tweet, which Jessica Parido shared with fans via re-tweet, a fan had written, “A gold digger doesn’t training to be an RN, return the ring and walk away from a marriage without any financial compensation.”

Although Jessica Parido appeared to be requesting a confirmation from Shouhed on Twitter with her first tweet, his account has been inactive in recent weeks. While Shouhed continues to keep fans updated on Facebook and Instagram, he chose to delete his Twitter account midway through the fifth season of Shahs of Sunset. That said, he has had good things to say about Jessica Parido in the months since their split.

“[Jessica Parido] and I have spoken. We’ve hung out. We’ve talked. It’s difficult, five years together, we shared a lot of memories,” Shouhed explained to The Daily Dish in June. “She was my emotional rock. She was my cultural rock. She was my religious rock. She was the person I went to bed with and woke up with every day. So to miss that person in my life, there was a huge void.”

Jessica Parido and Mike Shouhed parted ways with one another in August of last year after she reportedly came across evidence of her ex-husband’s cheating. Then, in November, Jessica Parido filed for divorce after just eight months of marriage and days later, she and her now-ex-boyfriend Karlen Shubaralyan, went public during a dinner date at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood, California.

“There was a huge gap and we spent months where we didn’t talk. And then she reached out to me and we just started talking again, and it felt great. But there’s so much baggage. There’s so much hurt. There’s so much pain,” Shouhed explained.

Following his split from Jessica Parido, Shouhed has stayed single, at least when it comes to an exclusive relationship, and he has remained focus on his business endeavors, including a new moving company based out of Los Angeles.

“Am I dating? I go out on dates,” he explained, “but it’s hard again being an emotional person, I’m kind of sensitive. So it’s difficult for me to really get into that mindset. It’s unfair to bring someone into my life right now.”

As for Jessica Parido and Karlen Shubaralyan’s past romance, the reality star added, “I think that was just a rebound. I hurt her and she was looking for someone to give her attention and love and fill a void that she was feeling with me, but it’s done.”

While Jessica Parido will likely not be seen on any future episodes of Shahs of Sunset, she has remained in the public eye due to her social media accounts. On Instagram this week, Jessica Parido posted a couple of photos promoting her business, Glam Envy, which has been around for about two years, and she shared a pic of herself and a friend, as well.

“A1 @Cherie_Lea,” Jessica Parido wrote on Instagram on August 7.

[Photo via Jessica Parido/Facebook]