WWE News: Huge Update On Cesaro’s Rumored Backstage Heat Turning Around

Last week on WWE Raw, Cesaro and Sheamus were featured in a backstage segment with Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley. Both WWE superstars haven’t had the best few months in the company. Sheamus has fallen very far since winning the WWE World Heavyweight championship alongside the Authority. As for Cesaro, his journey in the WWE has had its ups and downs. He still hasn’t won a WWE championship.

During that segment, Foley and McMahon spoke truths about each man. It was the Hardcore Legend’s comments on Cesaro that made the segment feel real. After Cesaro’s shoulder surgery, he’s had some momentum, but not a ton until he cut that shoot promo after the WWE Draft. He didn’t want to go to WWE Raw. The former-United States champion talked about Smackdown Live being about opportunity and wrestling.

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It was Cesaro’s first great promo in recent memory, and it propelled his stock with the Internet fans at least. According to a recent article by the Inquisitr, Cesaro’s promo may have landed him a push on WWE TV. After that article had been published, a new report surfaced that said it gave him heat instead. Whatever the case may be, Cesaro needs to show a new side of himself that includes charisma and showmanship. The uppercut train is cool, but it can get old.

Needless to say, Cesaro has all the talent in the world and has had backstage heat before. According to a new report by Daily Wrestling News, Cesaro’s rumored heat could be turning around.

“In an update, it appears the speculation may have been valid as word is that they are going to try and turn Cesaro’s shoot comments into a storyline with a push, at least for now. A source commented that we shouldn’t hold our breath until we see what happens on RAW over the next few weeks. Cesaro has a lot of supporters in the company and they’re hoping that this will get him hot and keep him hot on the red brand.”

Everything he said was accurate. Smackdown Live is all about wrestling and the WWE Universe. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan come out and say it every week because it’s true. It does sound like a corny gimmick, but WWE officials for the blue brand assure that it isn’t. On Monday nights, WWE Raw has great wrestling too.

Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, and Kevin Owens headline a star-studded lineup that will only get better. That doesn’t even include the women. Charlotte and Sasha Banks are two of the best wrestlers in the world. WWE Raw has more of an entertainment and storyline feel. For example, the segments with Golden Truth and the Shining Stars are less than stellar. That includes the Pokemon Go bits as well.

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That’s Vince McMahon’s way of integrating pop culture with the WWE’s current product. The only thing wrong with it is its execution. There needs to be more wrestling on WWE Raw despite some of the matches they have already showcased. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman did great in the main event last week, but they won’t be there permanently.

The WWE Draft wasn’t meant to expose either brand as Smackdown Live is flourishing as a separate group. This is where guys like Cesaro are going to shine or drown.

He is one of the best wrestlers in the world, but the lack of charisma and entertainment hurts him. Cesaro can cut a promo as that was made apparent at the WWE Draft. Will he be a future WWE champion? A stipulation was made that the winner of Sheamus and Cesaro would get a title shot. Let’s see if that actually takes place.

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