Nintendo: NES Mini Console Details Revealed Ahead Of Release

Nintendo’s NES Mini Console has been set for release later this year with new and improved features. Nintendo fans have been reeling with desire after the newest release of Pokémon GO was overshadowed by so many mixed reviews. The NES Mini Console has been the next major focus for retro gaming enthusiasts. After 33 years on the market, NES lovers can now rekindle their affections for the console’s many games.

Gamers will now have the luxury of a few different display options. The Mini NES will allow users to choose between a pixelated view, a CRT television look, and a 4:3 ratio display. Original NES gaming console games tend to not look the best on more current HDTV screens. Game makers have remedied that issue with their newest release.

Though display options are exciting, there are far more features to the new NES Mini console. Equipped with 30 of Nintendo’s original games, the new system will allow permanent save points and instant in-game temporary saves. Neither of these simple luxuries was present in the original entertainment system. This will do away with all those complicated passwords players were required to notate in the ’80s.

Some sources say that Nintendo’s rival company, Sega, has taken notes with their Sega Mega Mini, but the company released their mini console version years ago. If anything, Nintendo took the hint from Sega… not the other way around. Nevertheless, middle-aged consumers will jump for joy when the NES Mini hits the shelves in November of this year.

The NES Mini is set to be priced around $60 per unit. When the original NES console was released in the summer of 1983, the retail price was around $150. In contrast, this seems like a fair price for the console and 30 original games. The box set will come with the console itself, an HDMI cord to plug into the television, and one wired controller.

NES Console
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There will be mini cartridges released on the market to extend playing opportunities, but it is unknown as to whether or not the company will release a mini version of their other successful platforms. A Super Nintendo Mini or a Mini GameCube would be interesting. It is also an unknown as to whether or not there will be a capability to upload more games to the console itself. It will not be the internet capable as far as we know, but a good old fashioned thumb drive can upload just as easily.

One quite negative aspect of the NES Mini console is that the original system cartridges will not work to play. If you are one of the millions of adults that saved your childhood favorites, then you will just have to stick to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The controller ports are not the same either. This will knock out some of the attraction to retrofitted gaming consoles and their games. It is not certain, but these variables may put a pin in the recent success of retro dealers and throw prices towards the lower end. Gaming nerds may just gain the upper hand.

NES Game Zelda
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Nintendo’s new NES Mini console will come standard with legendary games titles such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., and Zelda. There will be a second chance for veterans to finally beat the unbeatable Mike Tyson in Punch Out. It is a good year for retro gaming nerds, and this year’s releases only add extra incentive to keep an eye out for the next hot item once the NES Mini hits the shelves.

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