Drew Barrymore Proves She’s A Good Sport, Files For Amicable Divorce From Will Kopelman But Still Works With Sister-In-Law

Drew Barrymore thinks Abby Elliott’s impression of her is “amaaazing,” according to People magazine. As revealed by the 41-year-old actress and comedian who stars on Odd Mom Out, Barrymore was a good sport about her spot-on impression.

In her interview with People magazine, Elliott said Drew Barrymore was always a good sport about other people doing impressions of her.

“I had done an impression of her on some talk show and she saw that and really liked it. She was always a good sport about it.”

Drew Barrymore is currently working alongside Elliott on the set of Odd Mom Out, as she guest-stars this season. And the former Saturday Night Live star revealed that Barrymore had approached her on the set and said what she thinks about the spot-on impression.

And Elliot couldn’t help but use the opportunity to share Drew Barrymore’s reaction in her classic Barrymore voice.

“Oh my God, I love them [impressions] so muuuch. That’s sooo amaaazing.”

Apart from sharing Drew Barrymore’s reaction, Elliot also revealed details of her upcoming wedding to fiancé Bill Kennedy. The two are planning to wed in less than two months, and the former Saturday Night Live comedian revealed there are only little details left.

“Like the holders for the place cards. I’m like, ‘Where do I get those? Where do I even start?’ But all the big things and details are squared away, so there will be a wedding.”

As for Drew Barrymore’s private life, the 50 First Dates actress has officially filed for divorce from her husband, Will Kopelman, according to People magazine. The 41-year-old actress and Kopelman have been married for four years, but reports of their split surfaced in the media in April this year.

Drew Barrymore and Kopelman share two children together, 3-year-old Olive and 2-old Frankie, and the two are reportedly divorcing one another amicably, with papers marked as “uncontested.”

Drew Barrymore and the father of her two children started dating in 2011 after many years of a close friendship. The two wed in 2012, but in early April this year they reportedly announced their split.

In their joint statement to People magazine, Drew Barrymore and Kopelman admitted that separating legally will not take away from them being a “family.”

“Divorce might make one feel like a failure, but eventually, you start to find grace in the idea that life goes on.”

In the same statement, Drew Barrymore and Kopelman assured that their children will remain their first priority for the rest of their lives. It sure looks like the E.T. actress cares about her family, according to People magazine.

As seen from her appearance on Odd Mom Out, the TV show created by Kopelman’s sister Jill Kargman, Drew Barrymore has lots of fun with her family on the set. And even though Barrymore and Kopelman are divorcing one another, the 50 First Dates actress is still good friends with her sister-in-law. In her interview with People magazine, Kargman opened up about the experience of working with Drew Barrymore on Odd Mom Out.

“I loved the idea of working together. She surpassed all expectations, she’s a comic genius in this episode.”

In the Bravo series, Drew Barrymore guest-stars as Meredith, a mean neighbor who survives a blizzard. Kargman revealed that she was “over the moon” after Barrymore said she loved the script.

“It was great. She’s such a pro and the coolest part is even though she’s dove out of planes in $100 million movies she was just as hard working on our scrappy set!”

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