Disney Building Wall To Prevent Someone Else From Being Attacked By An Alligator

Disney made a huge decision to build a big wall that will help prevent anyone else from getting attacked by an alligator. After a young boy recently died, Disney wants to make sure that nothing like this happens again.

Fox News shared the details about what Disney has planned to do now. Disney is taking this very seriously, and they do not want to lose business or another life after what happened in the past. It has taken them a bit of time, but Disney is doing what they think is best for their guests.

What Disney is actually doing is building a stone wall around the lake where the toddler was killed. They will be putting up a huge wall to prevent someone else from dying like the death of 2-year-old Lane Graves of Omaha, Nebraska. It sounds like this wall at Disney will be huge because it is going to be along the beaches of the Seven Seas Lagoon where several resorts are located.

After news had come out regarding the death of Lane, several people shared stories about allowing their children to play in the same area at Disney and shared that this could have been their child. A lot of people had allowed their children to play in this area. There were no barriers, and at the time, Disney didn’t have signs up that warned everyone to watch out for alligators in the area.

After Lane Graves died at Disney, they put up signs and ropes to keep people out of the area. However, it is really easy to ignore the signs or go right around the ropes. A big wall at Disney will prevent people from getting to the area where the alligators are. Disney was very lucky that Lane’s family decided not to file a lawsuit against them after their son died. Hopefully, this big wall will prevent this from happening to someone else’s child in the future.

The Orlando Sentinel got the chance to talk to Disney and found out all of the details. They have been working on this wall for five weeks now. The Disney spokesperson wasn’t sure if the wall was completed yet or they were still working on it. This Disney spokesperson shared that this had always been a plan since Lane Graves passed away, but of course, it took a bit for them to get to it. These are wide boulder walls that will keep people from going to the lake. Disney did close down the beach to keep everyone away as well.

When Lane Graves was pulled underwater by an alligator at Disney, they did not find his body for 16 hours. Lane actually died from drowning and not from the attack by the alligator. Of course, this young boy would have never been underwater if the alligator had not pulled him out there. His father did try to save him, but he couldn’t get to the young boy in time.

There have been other people who have seen alligators at Disney, but the death of Lane Graves shocked everyone. This young boy was simply on vacation when he ended up getting drug into the water by an alligator. If the walls don’t work, then Disney will probably look into something higher to make sure they can keep people out of the area and will not let anyone go into this water at all.

Do you think that putting up a wall around the big lake at Disney is the right solution? Do you think this wall at Disney will prevent another huge accident like this from happening? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]