‘WWE SummerSlam’ Matches: Tag Team Title Opportunity For The Club

The WWE SummerSlam matches are starting to line up and the tag team titles will be on the line at the biggest WWE party of the summer. As expected from the fallout from WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE.com reported that The New Day will defend their tag team titles against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, The Club.

This addition to the SummerSlam matches shouldn’t come as much of a surprise after Raw, but it was a surprise for fans who expected a continuation of the story from WWE Battleground. At WWE Battleground, AJ Styles teamed up with The Club to battle John Cena, Enzo Amore, and Big Cass.

After WWE Battleground, the rosters were split up and Enzo and Cass made it clear they would be meeting The Club on WWE Monday Night Raw, something that never happened. Instead, the WWE began calling The Club simply Gallows and Anderson, and the two attacked The New Day and destroyed them, setting their sights on the WWE tag team titles.

Meanwhile, in what looks like another addition to the already stacked number of SummerSlam matches, it seems like the WWE is positioning Enzo and Big Cass to battle a makeshift tag team of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. That all started to come together when Enzo came to the rescue of Sasha Banks last week and then Kevin Owens told Jericho he had his back.

WWE tag teams are not part of the biggest SummerSlam matches, but with Gallows and Anderson battling the New Day for the tag team belts, it could really shake up the division and freshen things up somewhat. New Day is still very over with the crowd but has lost some of their original pop thanks to lame babyface jokes, compared to their original heel schtick.

Meanwhile, Gallows and Anderson are three-time IWGP tag team champions and are one of the best teams in the WWE right now. As a heel team, if they win it will open the doors for their feud with Enzo and Big Cass to start up again, especially if the WWE wants to put the tag belts on them. This is just one of many SummerSlam matches that could really change the direction of the WWE storylines.

This is where the fans need to really believe that Gallows and Anderson can beat The New Day. While many hardcore wrestling fans know the talent of Gallows and Anderson, the two tag teams fought on WWE Monday Night Raw and Big E won with a fluke cradle.

Despite the loss, Gallows and Anderson get to take place in one of the SummerSlam matches for the championship, mostly due to the huge beat down of The New Day after that match. Now, Gallows and Anderson need to show that they are as good as most fans know that they are.


WWE SummerSlam matches feature the WWE world title match between Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler, a WWE women’s title match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, and the crowning of the first ever WWE Universal Champion as Seth Rollins battles Finn Balor.

Other SummerSlam matches include Randy Orton battles Brock Lesnar in a special cross-promotional match, John Cena battles AJ Styles, and Intercontinental champion The Miz battles Apollo Crews.

There are also two unconfirmed SummerSlam matches. The first is the Enzo and Big Cass match against Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens, and the second is a possible U.S. title match between Rusev and Roman Reigns.

[Image via WWE]