‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Two Year Dry Spell?

MTV’s Teen Mom may be no more, but that doesn’t seem to stop one of the show’s moms from continuing to share her private life.

According to TODAY, Farrah Abraham recently spoke to In Touch Magazine and told them that she hasn’t had sex for a long time.

“I haven’t had sex in two years,” she said. “There are too many risks and emotions involved. It’s always best to wait.”

Not only is Abraham, mother of three-year-old Sophia, steering clear of sex … she is even avoiding kissing.

“I don’t believe in kissing someone right away, either,” she revealed to the magazine. “I’m working very hard in my future to do it right the second time.”

This new take-it-slow approach to dating and relationships, is not an easy thing for Farrah to do. According to Farrah, it was this approach that led recent boyfriend John Parra to break up with her.

“I’m happy I chose not to touch him or get serious with some guy who seems controlling and clingy,” she said.

Farrah might not be in a hurry to rush into the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not ready to take that walk down the aisle. All Teen Mom fans, who watched Farrah on the show, know that she seemed more than ready to marry her ex Daniel Alvarez, a man that she had only dated a few weeks.

Farrah’s constant engagement hints and desire for a ring seemed to be the driving force behind Daniel’s decision to break up with her.

Even though most people would agree that it was an understandable decision on Daniels part, Farrah still finds Daniel to be at fault.

Teen Mom reunion host Dr. Drew Pinksy asked Farrah about the engagement pressure that she had put on Daniel. Farrah replied, “He’s like, ‘Ooh, a ring? Oh, marriage? Oh, more commitment?’ Little boy broke.”

For those of you who would actually like to see more of Farrah abraham, you might just get your chance soon. Farrah is close to finalizing a deal for her own spinoff show.

“I’m just closing on it,” Abraham said. “It’s gonna be just about me and my life.”

If Jersey Shore can be a hit tv show … why not a show about Farrah’s life? Right?