Netflix Unveils ‘Luke Cage’ Key Art And Promises Trailer Tomorrow

Netflix has unveiled the official post for its upcoming original series Luke Cage. At the same time, the streaming service has said it is going to be bringing a brand new trailer on Tuesday, August 9.

Luke Cage is the newest iteration of the Marvel universe that has shown off on television, on Netflix, and on the big screen. The title character had previously appeared in another Marvel-themed Netflix original series in Jessica Jones, and those two characters have long been tied together in the comic books.

According to ScreenRant, Luke Cage will pick up a couple of months after Jessica Jones Season 1 ended. Cage has left Hell’s Kitchen, likely because of the romantic entanglements he found himself in there, and has moved to Harlem.

Here, Luke is looking to start fresh, but as is the case with many of the heroes in the Marvel universe, trouble finds them even when they aren’t looking for it. Those who have read the comic book know that Luke Cage has almost indestructible skin, which makes him rather uniquely suited to take on the trouble that’s brewing in Harlem.

Mike Colter takes on the part of Luke Cage, much like he did in Jessica Jones. He’ll be joined in the first season of this new show by Mahershala Ali. If his name isn’t yet a household name, his face is certainly well known. Ali will play Cornell Stokes/Cottonmouth, the crime boss who will be a thorn in the side of Cage.

Ali has become quite the accomplished actor and has played several different roles. Netflix fans know him best for his turn as Remy Denton in House of Cards, but he’s also well known on the big screen as Boggs in the Hunger Games series.

Cage isn’t going to have to take on Cottonmouth and his minions all on his own. The role of Mercedes “Misty” Knight was just announced as having been filled by Simone Missick just a few days ago.

One other well-known character actor slated for the show is Frankie Faison who will play “Pop.” It’s a safe bet there are going to be some other cameos in this series. Netflix is going hard after the Marvel comic universe.

Luke Cage is the third Netflix original series set in that universe along with the aforementioned Jessica Jones and the first show to hit the service, Daredevil. So far, all three series have been set close to one another geographically.

The three series are also very close thematically, as Netflix has aimed for a more mature and gritty approach. There aren’t going to be any wise-cracking web-slingers in this series. Instead, we’re bound to see more sulking and furrowed brows.

Hopefully, the Luke Cage showrunners will be able to bring as much entertainment as the first two series have managed. Because there have already been tie-ins to Jessica Jones, it’s a safe bet we might see that heroine pop up again. The comics have these two intertwined as well, so it doesn’t appear we’re quite done with the pair as a romantic couple yet.

Netflix is also going to be using Luke Cage as a way to build future series, including the Iron Fist. There is also the anthology series that will be coming in the next few years, The Defenders. In the comics, Cage was a member of this crime fighter group.

It’s been divulged Cage will be a leader of that group in the Netflix series as well. Luke Cage Season 1 will all drop at the same time on Netflix on September 30. Until then, you can check out a brand new trailer tomorrow, August 9.

[Photo by Dave Mangels/Getty Images]