Jaden Smith Says His Critics Are Part Of The 'Jaden Smith Brand' And Are His Biggest Supporters

Jaden Smith stars in an upcoming Netflix show, The Get Down, about the birth of hip-hop culture in New York along with the lifestyle that surrounds it. Will Smith was asked if he gave any advice to Jaden for the role and he revealed that they, as a family, lived through it. According to International Business Times, Jaden Smith's father said that Jaden would often call him from the set of the new Netflix show, sometimes simply because he was excited to see Kurtis Blow there.

Jaden, who plays the character Dizzee on the show and who delighted in making fun of his father's choice of clothing on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, said that he nevertheless understood the fashion choice of people during that time in music. Jaden Smith feels that people were trying different things with their clothing choices, such as the way his character would put all sorts of buttons and accessories on his vests, and even experimented with painting his pants. The After Earth actor and famous celebrity teen felt that The Get Down was a project that could impact pop culture in a meaningful way.

Jaden Smith spoke on what attracted him into doing the show, speaking particularly about the diversity of the ensemble cast. Calling director Baz Luhrmann a "visionary," Jaden Smith said that he was drawn to the project because he knew that it would impact culture in a "crazy way."

"What he [Baz Luhrmann] was trying to tackle was very important to me so I just wanted to be a part of it. It sounded great: music, dance, art, the origin of hip-hop and the death of disco, it literally sounded epic."
He also admitted that he feels that the world will always criticize him for just about any show or film he works on. Jaden Smith spoke on critics and naysayers, and how he feels that people who criticize him are actually a part of his "brand" and are his "biggest supporters."
"I feel like anyone who takes time out of their life to say anything about me is already a part of the Jaden Smith brand. So I feel like The Get Down will bring people into my brand as well, but the people that already say things about me, those are my biggest supporters."
Despite the fact that the Smith family is recognized as one of the most talented families in show business today, Jaden Smith still sees his family as just another regular family. In particular, he has said that he sees his father, Will Smith, as just a father and not as the multifaceted celebrity that the rest of the world see him as. Although his father made a name for himself, Jaden does not feel pressured to live up to his name, and he says that he takes pride in everything that has come his way.

Jaden Smith spoke on the pressure to live up to his father, saying that his father isn't perfect and that he doesn't feel that he has that much to live up to.

"No one is perfect so I don't really think I am living up to that much."
Instead, Jaden says he just does what he feels like he wants to do, and in particular, he picked The Get Down because he feels proud to be part of a project that will affect culture for future generations.

Jaden Smith is very supportive of his father. According to Just Jared, Jaden Smith supported his father at the Suicide Squad premiere.

The Karate Kid actor was present at the Beacon Theater in New York City for the premiere, where he looked the part in a striped coat.

In other news, Will Smith revealed to Jimmy Fallon that his son played a trick on their entire family recently. Jaden recently turned 18-years-old, and asked if his family would join him in London for his birthday. At first, Will thought that Jaden just wanted his whole family to be together on his birthday, but little did Will know that Jaden had another reason for the birthday celebration in London. When they were at the restaurant, Jaden Smith ordered a tequila from the waiter, and when Will tried to stop him, Jaden reminded everyone that the legal drinking age in Great Britain in 18, as opposed to 21 in the United States.

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