Gretchen Carlson Ripped On ‘Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday’ [Video]

Gretchen Carlson looked a bit silly earlier this week when she was pranked by a guest pretending to support the Romney/Ryan ticket, and things didn’t get any better for the Fox & Friends host later in the week after she was lampooned by Saturday Night LiveWeekend Update Thursday.

The bad week started on Monday, when Gretchen Carlson introduced a guest onto Fox & Friends who claimed to be a former Obama supporter that changed his allegiance to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. The interview was meant to showcase the growing discontentment with Obama, but turned out to be a prank on Carlson and the other hosts.

The prank was pulled off by Max Rice, a recent college graduate living at home with his parents. The strange interview seemed to make Gretchen Carlson uncomfortable, especially after Rice began calling her “Miss USA.” Later, when she asked why he changed his allegiance to Romney, Rice said that he lost a basketball game to a friend.

“Are you being serious about this interview or not?” Gretchen Carlson eventually asked before cutting off Rice and telling him that he’s “not ready for primetime.”

The incident, which was spread across the internet and featured on media blogs like Mediaite, is probably one that Carlson wants to put behind her. But unfortunately for the anchor, she didn’t have much time to escape the heat.

The first Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday, an election year special started in 2008, took direct aim at Gretchen Carlson and her fellow Fox & Friends co-hosts, the Los Angeles Times noted.

The opening sketch was about the anchors desperately trying to play down Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comments, with Jason Sudeikis playing Romney and taking the speech a little further than the real-life Romney. After referring to those not paying taxes as “those people,” Sudeikis added:

“When I say ‘these people,’ I mean black people.”

The skit showed the Fox & Friends hosts not being bothered. In fact Gretchen Carlson, played by Vanessa Bayer, tried to give Romney props, saying: “Call me crazy but I like seeing an honest moment from a politician.”

While the skit appeared to be more a dig at Fox itself and its cheerleading for the Romney campaign rather than any particular criticism of Gretchen Carlson, it’s still come at a bad time for the Fox anchor.