Taylor Swift Split Rumors: Is Tom Hiddleston Feeling Pressure After Mike Hess Kiss? Fans React

Has Taylor Swift split from Tom Hiddleston?

Swift was at a birthday party in the Hamptons on Saturday night, where she sang "Dilemma" with Nelly. The rumors started when the "New Romantics" singer was joined onstage by the birthday boy himself, oil heir Mike Hess, and the two were spotted dancing together. According to E! News, this was caught on film by another partygoer, jewelry designer Jen Meyer. Meyer posted the video on Snapchat and it made its way to other social media platforms shortly thereafter. Fans watched Taylor Swift and Mike Hess dance, his arm around her waist.

At one point, Swift kissed Hess on the cheek. Scandalous!

Taylor Swift hasn't split from Tom Hiddleston -- yet -- but he was not at Mike Hess' birthday celebration. Fans weren't too quick to jump to conclusions, however, as most of them know that Hiddleston is in Australia filming Thor. While Taylor and Tom can't possibly be together every waking moment, it's hard not to wonder if the two are having issues based on recent media reports.

About a week ago, there was a report that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were having issues because Swift wants to get engaged. Since the two got together, their relationship has been like lightning in a bottle. They seemed to fall in love very quickly and have barely spent any time away from one another. According to Gossip Cop, however, Taylor hasn't been pressuring Tom to buy her a ring.

"Not only is [Celebrity Dirty Laundry] an illogical and contradictory mess, but more importantly, its article is simply a sheer fabrication. Swift is not pushing Hiddleston to propose, nor is he ready to split from her. And the webloid has no factual basis for its questionable report."
Another Taylor Swift split may be on the horizon, however, as she doesn't seem to keep a boyfriend for too long. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Taylor Swift has dated quite a few guys in Hollywood over the years. At 26-years-old, she may be wanting to settle down, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Tom Hiddleston is the one.

After the "news" that Taylor Swift was hanging out with Mike Hess on stage (while performing at his party), people started posting memes on social media, like the one below.

Fans have also reacted on Twitter, accusing the media of making a story about absolutely nothing.Taylor Swift split rumors will likely increase this week unless the country-pop star reunites with Tom Hiddleston to put said rumors to rest. Swift is expected to head back to Australia to see Hiddleston and could do so sometime this month. If the two are not together soon, however, these rumors are only going to grow.As far as Mike Hess goes, sources say that he and Taylor Swift have been friends for a few years. Many believe that their flirtatious dancing was completely innocent and the kiss that Swift planted on Hess' cheek was platonic. Who knows how Tom Hiddleston will feel about it, though?

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