'Dragon Ball Super' Theory Explains How Goku Goes Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super has yet to explain how Goku is able to obtain the new Ultra Instinct form although Whis previously said that it's something that even the Gods of Destruction can't easily achieve. Lord Beerus has learned this technique, but it's extremely hard and can't just be unlocked anytime. Some fans suggest that the hero unleashes UI whenever he fights powerful opponents like Jiren and Kafla.

However, there is a new Dragon Ball Super theory that has been making rounds on the internet, which suggests the environment of the World of Void is what triggers the brand new form. Comic Book previously suggested that this brand new technique is more of a state or a power and not a conventional transformation. Ultra Instinct, in any case, could be triggered by the energy surrounding the Void.

On Twitter, known Dragon Ball Super translator Ken Xyro shared what he learned from a Japanese forum about the Ultra Instinct. According to Xyro, it's possible that the Void energy is what triggers Goku's new technique just like his any other transformations that were achieved through different forces. Fans can recall that the SSB form was unlocked in a different dimension with loads of godly energy such as Lord Beeru's planet.

Most fans that have been following the entire Dragon Ball franchise know that most of Goku's transformations were gained through the alternate dimensions. During Goku's battle with Jiren, he released his Kaio-Ken in full strength, but it didn't work on the Pride Trooper. He then decided to use the massive Genki Dama, better known as the Spirit Bomb, which is the strongest energy blast in the history of the anime.

The Spirit Bomb borrows all the energy from all the living creatures in the surroundings such as people, grass, trees, and more. The old King Kai has previously warned that the energy blast is so powerful that it can destroy a planet. In Dragon Ball Super, after releasing the Genki Dama that didn't create a single scratch on Jiren, everyone was surprised when out of nowhere, Goku resurfaced with a white-blue aura surrounding him.

Goku was seen in his traditional Super Saiyan spiked-hair although it remains black with his interesting silver eyes. Apparently, the Universe 7 fighter was already in his Ultra Instinct form, although it didn't last long as it drained all his stamina. If anything, it was the Spirit Bomb that helped him unlock the form on Dragon Ball Super.

UI Goku on Dragon Ball Super
Ultra Instinct Goku [Image by Phát Hữu | Flickr | Public Domain]

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[Featured Image by Phát Hữu | Flickr | Public Domain]