Kelly Dodd Has No Regrets Sharing Marriage Troubles: Beat Shannon To The Punch?

Kelly Dodd may be the new housewife on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but it sounds like she may have watched some previous seasons of the show. In fact, Kelly may have known that some of her co-stars may try to dig out some drama in regards to her past, so she decided to bring it up first. During the first few episodes, Kelly revealed that she had actually filed for divorce from her husband because he was simply too controlling in their marriage. Dodd also revealed that she had asked her husband to undergo a psych evaluation, which came as a huge shock to her co-stars. Why would Kelly stay with a man who was being evaluated?

According to a new Bravo report, Kelly Dodd faced some criticism and curious questions after she decided to open up about her marital troubles. While the divorce never went through, Kelly and Michael were legally separated, and Dodd had moved on with another man and had gotten engaged. She later decided to give her marriage a try again, and they are now back together again. Dodd revealed on The Real Housewives of Orange County that she wanted to divorce her husband because he was simply too controlling. Luckily for her, she has changed his ways.

“Since then, he doesn’t behave that way anymore because he knows I’ll bounce if he does. I was describing him [to explain] the reasons why I dissolved the marriage,” Kelly recently told The Daily Dish, adding, “There’s a lot of reasons, but that was one of them. And I don’t like somebody being a control freak. I’m a control freak enough. I don’t need somebody else telling me what to do.”

Kelly Dodd met her husband in New York in 2004, and she tells Daily Dish that it was love at first sight. When they met, they hit it off, and they had great chemistry. She admits to falling in love with him right away. They later had a daughter together via IVF. And her daughter may have played a role in why she decided to give her husband a second chance. Dodd explains that she wanted to work things out because they had been in each other’s lives for so long and had built a family together. She didn’t want to throw it all away.

“It was important for me to keep our family unit together, keep our finances together. There’s just so many reasons of why I went back. There’s not, like, one thing; there’s a bunch of [reasons] why I wanted to work on our marriage, make it work for our family unit,” Kelly Dodd explained during the interview, adding that her husband didn’t like to relive their issues, saying, “He didn’t like how I told everybody about our business right off the bat. You know, I aired the dirty laundry straight [out] the gate.”

Even though many were shocked that Kelly Dodd decided to open up about her marital troubles, it sounds like she has no regrets. Maybe she had a feeling that something would happen because she was ready when Shannon Beador accused her of cheating on her husband. Of course, Kelly wasn’t cheating on her husband as she was legally separated from Michael when she got engaged. And because of these accusations, Kelly is actually happy she decided to put everything on the table.

“Now, in hindsight, he’s glad I did do that because Shannon tried to throw some crap out there about me that was untrue, and I’m glad that I did get ahead of it and said the truth first before having rumors and vicious lies spread about me,” Kelly pointed out during her interview with Bravo‘s Daily Dish.

Kelly Dodd has been very vocal about her belief that Shannon set her up. She strongly believes that Beador invited people to her party who wanted to hurt Dodd with these crazy rumors. And it sounds like fans should be excited about the reunion as she has documented proof that Beador tried to set her up, according to Reality Tea.

Would you be as open as Kelly Dodd about your marital troubles if you were on The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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