Oberlin College Robbery: Brandon Schneider Charged, Released On Bond

Oberlin, OH — Brandon Schnieder, an Oberlin resident, has been charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery after he broke into Oberlin College’s East Hall, brandishing a gun that he reportedly used to hit a male student on the head with.

The robbery took place last week when Schnieder reportedly entered the residence hall in a crime the campus security director hadn’t seen in her 25 years at the school, reports The Huffington Post.

Oberlin Police Department’s Facebook Page describes the crime by saying:

“On September 12th, officers responded to Oberlin College for a reported armed robbery. The residents reported a male entered their dorm room and attempt to take items from the room. When confronted the male produced a handgun and began waving the weapon. A scuffle ensued, and it was reported the male struck one of the residents in the head with the weapon before fleeing the scene.”

The incident occurred around 10 pm and campus security is working to find out how the suspect got into East Hall in the first place, because dorm buildings at the school are locked at all times. They are only accessible through using a student ID swipe card.

WYKC-TV notes that Marjorie Burton, who added that the gun used in the incident was a BB gun, stated that:

“We are encouraging students to be careful when they’re entering their residence halls, to make sure the door closes and latches behind them. Also, that they’re not entering with people they’re really not familiar with.”

Students have also said that Campus Safety and Security has placed notices around the school that remind students to be vigilant and report suspicious people. Brandon Schneider was released on bond, so long as he has no contact with “protected persons,” along with other conditions set by the probation department court supervised release program.