Emma Watson Watches Olympics 2016 Rugby Thanks To Ex Boyfriend, Mack Knight Worried About ‘Harry Potter’ Star?

Emma Watson has been getting into Olympics 2016 rugby games, probably thanks to her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Janney. The Harry Potter star dated him when she attended Oxford, and he played on the university’s rugby team. While watching Olympics 2016 is a casual pastime for most people, her current boyfriend, Mack Knight, might be a little worried about the reason for her interest in rugby.

The Harry Potter star has been posting regularly about Rio Olympics, including the opening ceremony and the first-ever women’s rugby team game.

While she is not a rugby player herself, she might be thinking about her ex-boyfriend at Oxford as she watches the sport on TV.

The reason why Emma Watson has time to watch the Olympics and get really into the games is because she has a lot of down time now. She declared earlier this year that she would be taking the next year off so that she can grow as a person.

“I’m taking a year away from acting to focus on two things, really,” Emma said according to Entertainment Weekly. “My own personal development is one. I know that you read a book a day. My own personal task is to read a book a week, and also to read a book a month as part of my book club. I’m doing a huge amount of reading and study just on my own.”

And now it looks like following Olympics 2016 has become a part of her to-do list!

Harry Potter star also has been investing some time into her budding relationship with Mack Knight, whom she has been dating just about a year. They have been sighted hanging out in London and New York, doing the normal things that normal couples do.

“They’ve been enjoying a low-key romance since last autumn,” reports Daily Mail. “And Emma Watson, 26, and boyfriend William Knight’s relationship appears to still be going strong as the couple were recently spotted stepping out together in London. The pair looked relaxed as they walked side by side, with Emma dressed in an all-black ensemble.”

Emma also has been keeping up with her feminist book club, making sure that she is filling it with interesting content for her readers, as well as doing some one-on-one interview with authors. She most recently interviewed the Persepolis author and posted about it on Twitter.

Other than that, the Harry Potter actress has been keeping a low profile as she promised, not attending any fancy parties or going out. Most of her time, it seems, has been dedicated towards her boyfriend, Mack Knight.

For those who don’t know, Mack Knight is a tech entrepreneur, who, based on the rumors reported by Daily Mail, “makes $150,000 a year and comes from a wealthy background.” Like Emma, he attended an Ivy League school, which means that they are on the same intellectual level.

With Harry Potter and the Cursed Child blowing up West End, more and more insider information from her days at the wizarding world is coming out. For example, her fans recently found out that her elementary schoolmates were banned from asking for her autograph when school was in session.

“[S]tudents at the Oxford school, Headington, which Watson attended in her teenage years, during the height of Potter mania, actually formalized guidelines to ensure that Watson’s fellow students wouldn’t pester her,” reports Vanity Fair.

“Of course if you were friends with her you could speak to her, but no one was allowed to go up and ask for an autograph or anything,” a former student revealed.

As Emma takes on new films for her career, she will be happy to leave her Harry Potter days behind.

Do you think she will be able to sustain her relationship with her boyfriend once she returns to Hollywood? Do you think they will travel to Rio to watch Olympics 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

[Photo by Evan Agostini/AP Images]