‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Fall Preview Brings Shocking Drama

Days of Our Lives fans are in for some serious drama when the NBC soap returns after the 2016 Olympics are over. The network has officially released the fall preview for the long-running show, and it was packed with action.

According to Soap Hub, the new season of Days of Our Lives is going to be crazy. Old faces will return to Salem, someone will be arrested, and people may even die!

The preview reveals that Brady and Theresa will finally get their darling son, Tate, back after he was shockingly kidnapped. The reunion will no doubt be joyous. However, with Tate’s return comes many questions about who was behind his kidnapping, and one Salem resident will be arrested for the crime.

In the promo, Victor is seen at Maggie’s hospital bedside, along with Nicole, Deimos, Sonny, and Caroline. Brady rushes into the room with his father, John, and a police officer to arrest Victor for his alleged crime. Vic is thrown in jail, but not everyone is convinced he was behind the kidnapping. Sonny, who has recently returned to Salem, will question if Deimos set up his uncle to make it look like he committed the crime.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Fall preview brings big drama to Salem.
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Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives viewers will get some serious baby daddy drama when Nicole finds out that Chloe is pregnant with her second child. Nicole, who has fallen hard for Deimos, will question her best friend about whether or not the child belongs to her new love. What will Chloe do? In the promo, Philip offers to say he’s the father of the child to keep the baby out of the clutches of Deimos, but can it work?

Sadly, Days of Our Lives fans will watch Chad, Jennifer, JJ, and the rest of the family mourn the death of Abigail, whom they all believe to be dead after a tragic plane crash. While mourning Abby’s death, both Chad and Jennifer will go off the deep end. Where will this leave their custody battle for Abigail’s son, Thomas?

Of course, the drama doesn’t end there. Steve and Joey will go into panic mode when Kayla is hospitalized after a devastating injury. Viewers have been watching Kayla struggle with a subdural hematoma, and it appears that she’ll suffer even more after a head injury. Kayla’s life will hang in the balance as Steve and Joey race to try to get her the help she needs.

Aiden will also be causing trouble as he becomes the new D.A. in Salem, and he tries to get Hope to admit that she was the one that killed Stefano DiMera. Hope will be shocked, and Days of Our Lives fans could see another epic battle between the exes.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Chad and Jennifer mourn Abigail's death.
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Meanwhile, the most shocking event will be when three criminals, including Clyde and Xander, break out of prison and return to Salem to get revenge on their enemies, which include Kate and Theresa.

Xander will attempt to kill Theresa on her wedding day, and he may be successful. Actress Jen Lilley has confirmed that she is leaving Days of Our Lives, and it seems death is the most permanent way to do that. Will Xander actually kill Theresa on what is supposed to be the happiest day of her life? If so, what will happen to Brady and Tate?

It looks like it is going to be a very dramatic autumn in Salem, and Days of Our Lives fans have a lot to look forward to when the new season of the soap returns to NBC after the Olympic games on August 22.

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