Rebecca Judd Sparks Heated Debate When She Turned Away From Unwanted Kiss From Co-Worker On Live TV

Rebecca Judd goes to the gym even despite warnings she could deliver her twins in just two weeks, according to the Daily Mail. The 33-year-old TV presenter shared a video of herself working out in a gym.

Crazy eyes ???? Clinical Pilates at @beactivephysio today. #pregnantwithtwins

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Rebecca Judd, who has reached the 26th-week mark of her pregnancy, doesn’t believe in the theory that pregnant women must abstain from intense physical activity and take it easy. On the video, Judd, who recently had her final weather bulletin before signing off for maternity leave, is seen working out on a Pilates reformer machine.

Rebecca Judd, who is married to retired AFL star Chris Judd, is expecting twin boys, is also seen lifting weights and doing several leg presses. The intense workout comes just two days after the mother-of-two awkwardly refused her fellow presenter, Tony Jones, to kiss her on the cheek.

Rebecca Judd’s final weather bulletin took an awkward turn when Jones tried to kiss her goodbye, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The TV presenter, who is heavily pregnant with twin boys, recoiled as her co-presenter put his arm around her.

The incident was witnessed by news presenter Peter Hitchener, who tried to smooth it all over. But Rebecca Judd looked uncomfortable when Jones leaned in for a kiss on the cheek. However, Judd laughed it off afterward in a way that it seemed the TV presenter had recoiled from the kiss accidentally.

Jones, meanwhile, blushed and was heavily embarrassed after his fellow presenter, Rebecca Judd, rejected him. All Jones said was a sarcastic, “This has gone well.”

And that’s where Hitchener stepped in and tried to smooth things over. The TV veteran laughed and told Jones he was “funny.” However, it wasn’t awkward for long as the three were laughing at the incident after the broadcast ended.

It also seems that relations between Rebecca Judd and Jones didn’t get ugly after the spurned kiss as the Nine News presenter took to Instagram later to thank her TV “family” for the laughs.

“Final weather bulletin before maternity leave didn’t quite go to plan but as always, thanks to my wonderful Nine News Melbourne family for the laughs.”

Jones also took to Twitter to describe the incident as “awkward,” but it wasn’t long before Rebecca Judd replied, saying “you know I love you!”

Reactions from viewers were certainly mixed, with some saying that Rebecca Judd was rude for not allowing her co-worker to kiss her on the cheek, while others maintained that she had every right to refuse unwanted physical contact.

Rebecca Judd, who already has two children under the age of five, has recently opened up that there is a possibility of a premature birth of the twin boys, according to the Daily Mail.

In her recent interview with Mamamia on the occasion of the launch of her skincare line, Rebecca Judd opened up that she had been warned by her doctor of a possible premature birth of her twins.

Rebecca Judd admitted that her obstetrician had warned her to prepare for the birth of the twin boys as early as 28 weeks. The News Nine weather presenter has reached the 26th-week mark of her pregnancy.

“With identical twins, there is one placenta and two cords. You know, it’s one fuel tank growing two humans. So given its one placenta, the placenta can say, ‘I’ve had enough. I’m packing it in’.”

However, Rebecca Judd admitted she still hopes to carry her twin boys to the 34th-week mark, joking that she will put her feet up and stay horizontal to get through to 34 weeks.

“I’m going to put my feet up and stay horizontal and try and get these babies through to 34 weeks. 36 weeks would be ideal… All I can do is close my legs and hope for the best.”

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