Rumor: Did Britney Spears’ Fiance Jason Trawick Cheat On Her?

Did Jason Trawick cheat on Britney Spears? That’s what Star magazine is reporting after a source has exclusively come to them with info that points to Trawick’s indiscretions.

According to Star magazine, the incident happened earlier on in the month, when Jason Trawick, who also is a partner in the X Factor, was “caught cheating “ during a boys night out with friends on the night of September 5.

Trawick, who up until now has been known for being a constant and stable figure in Britney’s life was allegedly caught with two “erotic dancers.” Star claims that Spears’ fiance was seen chilling out with his buddies in the bar of the lobby of the W Hollywood Hotel when all of a sudden he was approached by “two provocative dressed girls.”

An insider told the magazine that Britney Spears’ man, Jason Trawick encouraged the dancers even telling them that “they were hot and asked if they wanted a drink.” The source added about Trawick’s behavor being as apprenhensive with the two dancers, Alina Ratuska and Marina Zog when the two invited Trawick and his friends to the Hollywood club Tru to party. However, he eventually agreed, and once at the club it was said he got “coozy” with Zog.

The two dancers are said to be “erotic dancers” and are specifically “paid to party.” This is the first negative report on Jason Trawick since he’s been a presence in Britney’s life. Although Trawick and Spears are engaged it doesn’t look like the two set a date to get hitched any time soon.

Do you think Jason Trawick would cheat on Britney Spears?