‘Vampire Facelifts’ Are All The Rage, Supposedly Reduce Wrinkles [Video]

The vampire facelift allegedly makes patients look more youthful and irons out pesky wrinkles. A machine is used to separate platelets out of the blood and then the tiny fragments are injected into the face. High concentrations of platelets are believed by some to stimulate skin cells and prompt natural repair. The facial rejuvenation process utilizes the patient’s own blood and is a lot less invasive than a surgical facelift. The procedure involved appears similar to the time and discomfort involved with getting Botox injections.

The relatively new process is credited with helping reduce or eliminate environmental skin damage caused by smoking, sun or other unhealthy exposure. The process is formally called platelet rich plasma injections, or PRP, according to the OrthoHealing Center website. Happy customers appear to prefer the Twilight-esque moniker they have affectionately used when referencing the wrinkle reduction therapy,according to the Daily Mail. The separation and injection process have been used for reconstructive surgery purposes for years, but the PRP is the first known time the process has been used as part of a cosmetic regimen.

The outpatient skin cell injection process involves the removal of blood from the patient’s arm, according to the Daily Mail. The small cell fragments are reportedly filled with proteins and hormones, which circulate with the blood after injection. Platelets are necessary for the clotting of blood when a person suffers a cut or bruise.

PRP injections have reportedly boasted impressive results in the United States and are now being offered by medical clinics in Great Britain. Approximately 700 women and men have already undergone the wrinkle reducing procedure at the La Belle Forme clinic in Edinburgh, England this year alone.