Tesla Roadster Goes From 0-60 MpH In 1.9 Seconds-- Here's What That Looks Like [Video]

The next-generation Tesla Roadster is a speed rocket in automobile form. As Teslarati reports, Elon Musk claims that the electric vehicle can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 2 seconds and can travel 1/4 mile in 8.9 seconds. Comparable speedsters like the Bugatti Veyron, Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren 720s can travel that distance in just under 10 seconds.

The car is not ready for production yet but when it is, it could become the fastest car ever made, The Verge reports. Elon Musk did not explicitly divulge the vehicle's top speed but the billionaire CEO did hint that it would be higher than 250 mph.

According to the company website, The Roadster is the first supercar to smash performance records and still have the capacity to seat four people. It has a range of 620 miles on a single charge, Teslarati reports, and its 200 kWh battery pack is the largest ever used in a Tesla vehicle. The battery is designed to have double the capacity of the P100D and 100D vehicles.

At its unveiling, Elon Musk claimed that you'd be able to drive the Next Gen Roadster from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back without having to stop and charge your vehicle.

"The point of doing this is to give a hardcore smack down to gasoline cars" said Musk at the event on Thursday.

At the unveiling of the Tesla Semi, influencers were able to get a ride in the Roadster in "Maximum Plaid" mode, the fastest mode that Tesla vehicles offer. Brooks of Drag Times chronicled his experience on video giving us a firsthand look at what it's really like to be in a car that's going that fast.

During the test drive, the Tesla employee goes from 0 to 80 mph in the Roadster and you can see distinct "Maximum Plaid" symbol flashing on the touchscreen, indicating that he's driving the car at Tesla's highest speed mode.

From Brooks' reaction, you can tell he's impressed by The Roadster's acceleration.

"That's crazy!" he says at one point about the speed. "I'm so glad I put my money down on this car."

The base price of the Tesla Next Gen Roadster is $200,000 and it cost $50,000 to reserve. The Founder's Series costs $250,000 and the cost to reserve is $250,000.

[Featured Image by Tesla]