Georgia Gun Range Granted Alcohol Permit

A Georgia couple have been granted an alcohol permit for their new $3.5 million gun range, called The Governor’s Club, in Powder Springs, which will allow people to both drink and shoot guns inside the facility.

Kristina Brown and her husband currently own Lakeside Guns Shop in Acworth, Georgia, but are in the process of building the gun range, which will be a state of the art facility that includes a lounge serving alcohol, reports WSBTV.

A new subdivision is currently being built just 100 yards away from the new club. Some home owners in the area are less than thrilled about the idea of having a gun range and alcohol in the same location. Traci Hart, who is a mother of three young children, stated that, “I mean, that’s just stupid.”

Hart added that her neighborhood is quiet and has no need for a gun range, saying, “We don’t need drunk people running around in and out of the neighborhood.”

The Huffington Post notes that, when speaking about the gun range that allows alcohol as well, Brown stated:

“Customers will have to order a drink with their identification card and once the card is accepted, and flagged, they cannot be checked back into the range that day. … Georgia Law allows persons with gun permits to bring their weapon into a restaurant that serves alcohol, we are taking it even a step further.”

When speaking to city council members on Monday, Powder Springs Mayor Pat Vaughn stated that he shares his residents’ concerns about mixing firearms with booze, but still supports the council’s decision to approve the liquor license. Brown also spoke to the city council, stating that it’s not new to have alcohol at a firing range.

When speaking about the new gun range and lounge, Kristina’s husband, Bert Brown, stated that:

“We have a $3.5 million investment here. Unfortunely [drinking] is part of our society … and this is hard even coming from my mouth, but there’s a certain amount of concern that we would not be successful with this type of product if we did not have the ability [to serve alcohol].”

What do you think of the Powder Springs, Georgia gun range being granted an alcohol permit?