WWE News: Backstage News On WWE Officials Having Big Plans For Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens has been quite vocal about his selection during the WWE Draft. Recently, he described being drafted to Raw with the 18th overall pick a “slap in the face” to him. Owens is claiming that he’ll be using that as fuel to prove his naysayers wrong over the next several months of WWE programming. He’s going to prove that he should have been the first overall pick.

He’s not the only one who was displeased with not being drafted to Raw or SmackDown higher, but it is difficult to argue that Kevin Owens isn’t a top heel on WWE television. Over the past year, there have been few performers in WWE more consistent than him in the ring, or on the microphone. He’s one of the few men to have a clean pinfall over John Cena, which happened during his first match on the main roster. Owens has been NXT Champion and is a two-time Intercontinental Champion.

His accomplishments over the past 12 months speak for themselves. Regardless of where Owens was drafted and when he was taken during the WWE Draft a few weeks ago, Owens believes he is ready to be in WWE’s main event. The question is if WWE officials feel that Kevin Owens is ready to be in WWE’s title picture and main event PPVs for the Raw brand.

Kevin Owens Displays the Intercontinental Championship
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According to a recent report from Ring Side News, WWE officials are said to be very high on Kevin Owens, and there has been significant praise for him backstage over the past few months. It’s rumored that he was the first choice to become Mr. Money in the Bank a few months ago. Unfortunately for Owens, creative plans changed in favor of Dean Ambrose.

Despite those changes, the expectation is that Kevin Owens will be elevated to WWE’s main event scene before WrestleMania 33. That’s still eight months from now, but the general feeling is that Owens stepping up a level in WWE is only a matter of time. That’s okay with Kevin, since he recently said something similar during an interview with The National in Abu Dhabi.

“I am definitely ready for the main event. Actually, I am very conscious of the fact I am yet to main event a pay-per-view and I am not going to lie when I say that bothers me and I am going to do everything I can to make sure that happens this year.”

Kevin Owens Beleives He is Ready For WWEs Main Event
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At WWE Summerslam, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins will compete to become the first WWE Universal Champion for the Raw brand. No matter who wins that match, every WWE Superstar on Raw will be coming after them, including Kevin Owens. Balor is expected to be walking out with the WWE Universal Championship, so that could potentially lead to Balor vs. Owens at any point over the next several months. That was a very strong feud for NXT. There is no reason to think it wouldn’t be for Raw.

WWE’s brand extension is giving performers like Kevin Owens a much better chance at becoming main event players on Raw and SmackDown. It’s been made clear by WWE pushing guys like Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler that the “New Era” of WWE is going to be one without glass ceilings. Someone like Owens would have broken through eventually, but it’ll be a lot easier on him if WWE officials make good on their word that he’ll be a main event star for the company over the next several months.

By WrestleMania 33, no one is going to remember that Kevin Owens was drafted to Raw with the 18th overall pick in the WWE Draft. He may not be WWE Champion by then, but Owens has been a performer that thrives in big match situations. He’s a guy that only needs one chance, so it’ll be only a matter of time before Kevin Owens is given that chance. In a WWE without glass ceilings, the sky is the limit.

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