Faking Amish on ‘Breaking Amish’ Claims Levied Against TLC [Video]

Breaking Amish is accused of faking Amish, allegations of misleading the viewers have surfaced after only two episodes of the new TLC reality show. The new series was promoted as an inside look the lives of five Amish and Mennonite men and woman who recently left their respective cultures and are experiencing the city for the very first time. If claims posted on a Facebook page created to debunk the information relayed by the reality show stars and producers are correct, the television performers are not elevator and cell phone novices.

Mounting doubts over the honesty of TLC stems from accusations by individuals who claim to know the reality show stars, and are spilling alleged secrets about the performers on Facebook. Posters claim that cast members Rebecca and Abe are not just now developing romantic feelings for each other but actually have a child together, the Daily Mail reports.

Angry Facebook posters have also claimed that cast member Kate is not the technophobe she has been billed as on the show. The online rumors circulating around the young woman maintain that Kate has submitted photos to modeling websites. Picture taking is strictly prohibited in the highly religious culture.

Reality show leading lady Sabrina is accused of having been married. Photos of the young woman in modern clothing have also been posted on the online social networking website.

TLC performer Jeremiah allegedly left the secluded community 14 years ago. Internet posters also maintain he has been married, divorced, and has three children.

In response to the scathing allegations, TLC released a statement noting that some of the rumors are true, others aren’t, but all will be addressed by the show.