Man Arrested After Family Dispute Over Grilled Cheese, Wife Made Sandwich Too Cheesy

A Georgia man found himself behind bars after getting enraged about a grilled cheese that was too cheesy. James DePaola, 55, got angry with his wife when she put three slices of cheese on his grilled cheese sandwich instead of the two he requested. As a result, DePaola began yelling at the woman causing spit to fly in her face. Afterwards, the husband admits to pulling the phone out of the wall so that the wife couldn’t call 911 for a “stupid” reason but his 12-year-old daughter saw what was happening and called for help from her mother’s cell phone.

Fox 23 reports that James DePaola was arrested on charges of obstruction of a 911 call and criminal trespass/damage to property. The incident began when James admits he became upset with his wife when she prepared him a grilled cheese sandwich that was not to his liking. The man says he requested that two slices of cheese be put on the sandwich, but his wife Michele used three slices. The extra cheese caused James to go into a fit of anger and he began yelling at the woman for her mistake.

Meanwhile, the couple’s 12-year-old daughter was listening to the fight and grabbed her mom’s cell phone and called 911. The daughter told the dispatcher that her father had hit her mother and that he pulled the phone from the wall so that she couldn’t call for help. The police responded and James allegedly admitted that he had pulled the phone from the wall to ensure his wife Michele couldn’t call 911 for a “stupid reason.”

When police questioned Michele, she denied that James hit her during the grilled cheese domestic dispute; however, she admitted that her husband often became angry and had hit her in the past. In fact, Michele says at one point she had a restraining order against James for violent and abusive behavior but indicated that she doesn’t believe he would have hit her over the grilled cheese because he doesn’t want to go back to jail.

However, she did indicate that James was angry and “animated” following the grilled cheese with too much cheese and was yelling at her in such a way that spit was hitting her in the face. Though Michele would not admit to any physical violence, she says James is still often verbally abusive. The man reportedly curses, has outbursts of anger, yells, and attempts to control every aspect of Michele’s life.


According to WSBTV, there is no indication that the man will face any charges for domestic violence or physical abuse as Michele DePaola claims she was not hit in the altercation.

In other grilled cheese news, spaghetti grilled cheese is the latest and greatest food trend. A chef at California-based restaurant Burnt Crumbs devised the food creation when he slapped some leftover spaghetti and cheese in between some garlic toast. It was so delicious he decided to add it to the menu, and the spaghetti grilled cheese was born.

It is probably safe to say the disturbed Georgia man will not be partaking in the latest spaghetti grilled cheese trend, but hopefully, his family will have a chance to try it out if another restraining order is put into place.

What do you think about the Georgia man’s crazy reaction to the extra slice of cheese on his sandwich?

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