Bristol Palin Is Proud To Be A Gun Owner, Defends Right To Teach Her Kids Firearm Safety

Bristol Palin is not about to let the media talk badly about her parenting skills. She has recently spoken out on all of the hoopla surrounding the recent photos that were posted by her new husband, Dakota Meyer, of their two kids with or near guns. It is no secret that they are big believers in the Second Amendment and very proud of it.

The Palin kids have grown up with guns in their hands ever since they were small, and now Bristol and Dakota are following in their parents’ footsteps. They want their kids to grow up knowing how to handle a gun safely and are huge advocates for their right to bear arms. According to a recent blog post on Patheos that Bristol wrote, she is not ashamed of having firearms in her home and around her children.

The outspoken former reality star had obviously gotten wind of the controversy that was caused when her military husband sent out a photo of their infant daughter, Sailor Grace, sitting in her car seat on a kitchen counter with a handgun sitting right next to her. Dakota is standing there putting on his gun holster. This caused a lot of commenters reprimanding him saying that it is not wise to have guns around a baby like that, making note that it is also pointed directly at his daughter in the car seat.

Bristol Palin spoke out about the recent bad parenting headlines saying that she and Dakota are being responsible gun owners and responsible parents as well. She wondered why anyone would question their right to bear arms, which means that her two kids will be around them as well. She also says that it is their right to teach them how to handle a firearm.

“Why are gun owners continually shamed – and proponents of the second amendment made to feel guilty – just because of controversy swirling around wackos who used guns in their evil attacks? Do we shame car owners after tragic car accidents? Or demand all knife owners be punished with diminished rights after a knife is blamed for injury? Do we blame spoons for destroying lives by making us fat?”

Her son, 7-year-old Tripp, was seen in an Instagram photo out with his mom as she was helping him learn to shoot out in the woods. Of course, there were mixed comments with some people thinking that she was putting him in danger, while others commended Bristol Palin for teaching her firstborn the safety points of a gun. She stresses that gun education is much better than ignorance when it comes to kids. She thinks that it is much better for them to learn about guns from a parent than to learn about them through video games and TV shows.

The Palins are avid hunters and are very vocal about the Second Amendment. Living in Alaska, they keep their firearms for a purpose, according to Bristol. She and Dakota both agree that it is also a means to protect their family if necessary. Needless to say, they are not going to back down from being proud gun owners and being parents who will teach their children to be proud as well.

“I’m proud to be a gun owner; I love our Constitution; I’m proud to teach my kids gun safety; and I know I’m parenting right when it comes to family, work ethic, values, and what’s really important in life. And I promise you, my kids are safer, and more protected and nurtured, in our own home than they could ever be anywhere else.”

Bristol Palin also gave her dad kudos for teaching her to treat guns with respect since she was quite young. She posted a snapshot of Todd and herself in camouflage gear on a hunting excursion. Now that she is married with a family of her own, she loves to go out shooting alone with her husband and as a family with Tripp. Once Sailor is old enough, Palin will be teaching her all about gun safety as well.

Are you all for teaching kids how to safely use a firearm?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]