‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Erica Dixon Claims Lil Scrappy Tried To Get Back Together With Her Weeks Before Proposing To Bambi

Erica Dixon wasn’t even on Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but that hasn’t stopped her from commenting on a lot of the drama that has happened. After Lil Scrappy proposed to Bambi near the end of the LHHATL season, Erica spoke up to let everyone know that he wasn’t pining away for his current fiance in the weeks before he popped the question.

It turns out that during their break, Scrappy wasn’t just entertaining the likes of Betty Idol and Jessica Dime. According to Erica, the VH1 reality star had his ex on his mind and may have been open to a reconciliation with her too.

In a recent interview with VH1, Erica Dixon told the network that she was actually happy for Lil Scrappy. That doesn’t mean she’s cool with Bambi though and the two will probably never be friends.

Don’t forget that it was during Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta that Bambi made a comment about how she would have punched Erica but she liked her daughter Emani too much.

Of course, Erica heard the comment and went straight to Twitter to question Bambi’s bold statement. The former LHHATL star made it clear that she wasn’t afraid of Bambi and that she was “still waiting” for Scrappy’s fiance to take a swing at her.

Given their contentious history, it was pretty much a given that Erica wasn’t going to be jumping up and down with excitement for Bambi.

Considering that Erica Dixon is claiming that Lil Scrappy called her mom’s phone 21 times looking for her, she’s probably just glad to hear that her baby daddy is finally settling down and won’t be bothering her anymore. Erica also said during the interview that Scrappy called her publicist trying to get ahold of her. Considering that they have a child together, it’s odd that he doesn’t have her actual phone number.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 reunion special was taped at the end of June, before all of this baby mama drama came about. During the interview-style reunion show, Bambi and Scrappy sat down along with Momma Dee and Betty Idol.

It was no secret that Momma Dee tried to hook Scrappy up with Betty during Season 5 but they just never worked out. Now that Scrappy is engaged to Bambi, Momma Dee seems pretty happy with that arrangement and doesn’t seem too bothered at her sub-par matchmaking skills.

Despite Betty Idol’s confession that she and Scrappy never slept together, there was still plenty of bad vibes between the LHHATL newcomer and Bambi. It seems that Scrappy’s fiance isn’t looking to befriend Betty, especially after the huge beef that she had with her best friend Tammy Rivera earlier in Season 5.

As for Erica Dixon’s revelation about Lil Scrappy blowing up her phone, Bambi hasn’t commented. It’s probably too late to hear about it on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion special. Especially considering that fans of the VH1 reality show didn’t even hear about Scrappy’s supposed phone calls until after the first part of the reunion had already aired.

One thing is for sure, though, if Bambi was upset at Scrappy when he said that Betty Idol was beautiful, then she definitely wasn’t pleased to find out that Scrappy had been calling Erica Dixon just weeks before getting back together with her. Will this revelation put the brakes on Bambi and Scrappy’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta wedding plans? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images]