‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From August 7 Episode, ‘BB18’ House Gets New HOH, Nominations Revealed [Spoilers]

This August 7 Big Brother 18 recap comes from late Sunday night. This episode focused on the latest BB18 Head of Household competition and how the new HOH used that power during the nomination ceremony. It set up which two houseguests were going to be targeted for eviction during Week 7 of the show, with an eye toward the coming double eviction on August 11. This episode of the show was aired by CBS on Sunday, August 7, at 9 p.m. PT/ET.

The August 7 episode picks up immediately after Da’Vonne Rogers was evicted by a vote of 6-2. There are just 10 houseguests left in the game and they headed to the backyard to begin the latest HOH competition. It was an endurance challenge, so it didn’t get completed in time for the CBS viewers to see who would ultimately win the HOH room and the power that goes with it. This particular challenge involved the houseguests holding on to a suspended rope while standing on a disc. The last houseguest left standing would win the power.

A large chunk of the episode was spent on the HOH competition, so this August 7 Big Brother 18 recap will do the same. Immediately after the HOH competition got started, the producers started showing some footage of the all-guys alliance that has been going on inside the BB18 house. It isn’t something that has been a focal point of CBS episodes, but it has existed for a while now. Paulie Calafiore, James Huling, Paul Abrahamian, Corey Brooks, and Victor Arroyo are all part of it. They call themselves “The Executives.”

Heading out to the backyard, the competition really gets going, with host Julie Chen stating that the first three houseguests to be eliminated would become the “Have Nots” for the week. James Huling fell shortly after it got started, coming down so quickly that viewers of the live feeds didn’t get to see it happen. The live feeds were turned back on following the Thursday night (August 4) episode airing on CBS for the East Coast, so most of it was enjoyed by the online audience.

Bridgette Dunning fell soon after James Huling, with Corey Brooks not too far behind. That made James, Bridgette, and Corey the Week 7 “Have Nots” in the BB18 house. Those weren’t the only Big Brother 18 spoilers to come from late Thursday, as the competition wouldn’t last more than an hour longer. The next person to drop was Michelle Meyer, who had begun vomiting due to the spinning. She dropped off because she couldn’t stop doing it and once down began crying hard about losing the competition.

Once Michelle was down, Nicole Franzel fell soon after that. It was at that point where producers showed a Diary Room session where Paulie Calafiore stated he didn’t want to win the HOH competition, but simply wanted to outlast Zakiyah Everette because he was worried she would be upset at him for evicting Da’Vonne Rogers. Shortly after Zakiyah dropped off her rope, Paulie quit on purpose, which was overly obvious to Zakiyah. Zakiyah then went off to the side and cried because she was coming to some sudden realizations in the game.

The final two people left in the HOH competition were Natalie Negrotti and Victor Arroyo, who both kept claiming that they really needed this win to get letters from home. Neither houseguest wanted to quit and it kept a deal from happening. Earlier, Victor had been shown in the Diary Room stating that he would make deals with everyone, but after getting evicted he was ready to “bounce checks” in the BB18 house. Natalie ended up falling, making Victor the new HOH, but he did assure Natalie that she would be safe for lasting that long.


Another component of this Big Brother 18 recap is that the second Care Package of the summer was delivered. This time, America chose James Huling to receive the power, and he received that package in this episode. In addition to underwear, socks, and new sunglasses, James now has the power to eliminate two eviction votes at the next eviction ceremony. This will take place on Thursday, August 11, but it might not be an important power if the primary target has the entire BB18 house ready to send them packing. Julie Chen will ask who doesn’t get to vote this time during the “live” episode.

This part of the August 7 Big Brother 18 recap focuses on what took place following the HOH competition. Paul Abrahamian and Paulie Calfiore worked hard to convince Victor Arroyo that it was time to get Zakiyah Everette out of the BB18 house. Paulie completely turned on the other half of his showmance, likely painting him in an extremely negative light for CBS viewers. This is something viewers of the live feeds have known for a while, as Paulie has been bad-mouthing Zakiyah for weeks.

At the nomination ceremony, it was revealed that Victor Arroyo had nominated Zakiyah Everette and Michelle Meyer for eviction. It meant that Zakiyah and Michelle had to work had to win the Veto and guarantee their safety for the week. A previous report by the Inquisitr covers what took place in the Veto competition and how that will affect the rest of Week 7 in the BB18 house. That brings an end to this August 7 Big Brother 18 recap, setting up what could be an intriguing week of debate about how the double eviction is going to go on Thursday night.

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