Half-Ton Woman Who Confessed To Accidentally Crushing Her Toddler Nephew The Focus Of TLC Expose [Video]

A woman weighing in at a half-ton has been linked to a bizarre murder mystery. Mayra Rosalas, 31, confessed to accidentally crushing her toddler nephew, but police officers do not believe the woman has enough freedom of movement to have rolled over and killed the small child. The obese woman who weighs approximately 1,100 pounds, has become the focus of a TLC broadcast entitled, “Half-Ton Killer?”

A preview of the investigation which led to some allegedly big secrets was obtained by Radar Online. The bedridden woman told law enforcement investigators that she crushed her nephew, Eliseo, 2, causing his death. The incident allegedly occurred while she was babysitting the toddler.

In spite of her confession, police officers following the case in the Texas border town reportedly believe that since Rosales cannot roll over without assistance or sit normally in chair, the little boy could not have been killed in the manner described. A total of 10 men and an extra-large ambulance are required to transport the obese lady for medical care.

The unsolved case sparked global controversy and speculation that Rosales, who has been referred to as the world’s heaviest woman, could not physically commit murder. One police investigator allegedly wondered if there was enough poison to pump into her body to execute her, according to Radar Online.

After examining the Eliseo’s body, doctors determined that the child died by a blow to the head, and not being crushed under his aunt’s massive weight. Further investigation into the family reportedly revealed disturbing secrets and tidbits which Radar Online claims to be too bizarre to make up. Mayra and her husband Bernie had moved in with the toddler’s mother so her sister could become her full-time caregiver, the Daily Mail reports. If the previews of the TLC broadcast are accurate, the obese woman was often left in charge of her sister’s four children. “Half-Ton Killer?” Is slated to air on October 10 at 9 pm.