Taylor Swift Split? Tom Hiddleston 'Not Present' As Swift Dances Closely With Mike Hess [Report]

Has Taylor Swift split from Tom Hiddleston?

Swift dropped Calvin Harris rather quickly before finding love with Hiddleston and it looks like she may be moving on once more. According to E! News, Swift was at a party in the Hamptons on Saturday night where she took the stage with Nelly for a pretty epic duet (they sang "Dilemma"). However, Swift didn't simply sing a song and get off the stage. The songstress ended up dancing with a man identified as oil heir, Mike Hess. Sources say that the party was thrown for Hess who was celebrating his birthday over the weekend.

While this may have started off completely innocent -- kiss on the cheek included -- onlookers say that Taylor Swift and Mike Hess ended up dancing closely and that Hess even had his arm around Taylor's waist at one point.

Not surprisingly, this was all filmed and subsequently posted on Snapchat by jewelry designer Jen Meyer who was also at the party. Check out some of the stills below.

If Taylor Swift split from Tom Hiddleston, she's not doing much to hide it -- unless, of course, she didn't think that anyone at the party was actually paying attention to what she was doing. At the same time, Swift has known Hess for a couple of years now and may have just been having some completely innocent fun -- no matter how it may have looked.

"Taylor was in an amazing mood, and super fun all night. She danced her ass off. At first, she didn't want to perform but then Nelly asked her. Everyone was super into it, the crowd loved it," said a source, adding that Tom Hiddleston was not at the party.

Taylor Swift reportedly didn't hang out with Mike Hess the whole night. After their flirty dance on stage, Swift was spotted with her BFF Karlie Kloss. The girls stayed close for the remainder of the party, and Swift didn't so much look in Mike Hess' direction.

As far as Tom Hiddleston's absence, he has been in Australia, working on his new film, Thor: Ragnarok. Taylor Swift was in Australia with him for a short period of time but headed back to The States for work and other obligations (both personal and professional).

If Taylor Swift hasn't split from Tom Hiddleston, she will likely wind up traveling back to Australia to visit him before he wraps.

The timing of this Taylor Swift-Mike Hess meet up is definitely interesting, however. A couple of days ago, OK! Magazine reported that Taylor and Tom have been having issues. After a Swift pal recently got engaged, sources said that Taylor invited Tom to go to the wedding as her date -- but Tom allegedly said that he couldn't commit to the date.

"Tom knows he'll be under a microscope at the wedding and that it will be intense pressure. Tom told her Abigail's wedding is too far in the future for him to commit to going," said a source.

It's no secret that Taylor Swift, 26, hasn't had great success when it comes to dating. She has dated quite a few guys over the past several years (Taylor Lautner, Calvin Harris, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, John Mayer, and more), but she hasn't found "the one." While she is still young, Swift might start thinking about settling down as she approaches the big 3-0.

If Taylor Swift hasn't split from Tom Hiddleston -- and the rumors about him not ready to commit to anything in the future aren't true -- maybe he could be her "one." Who knows?

Do you think Taylor Swift's "flirting" with Mike Hess was nothing more than innocent fun?

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]