Nine-Year-Old Brooklyn Rapper Tells Saggers To ‘Pull Ya Pants Up!’

A nine-year-old rapper from Brooklyn, New York has a message for everyone who thinks that it’s cool to sag … that message is “Pull Ya Pants Up!”

According to NBC News, nine-year-old Amor “Lilman” Arteaga is using his YouTube video to voice his disapproval of people who can’t keep their pants from sagging.

“This for all the people that think saggin’ is cool, just pull ‘em up,” Arteaga raps in the song. “I’m getting tired of seeing all these dirty underwear when I’m walkin’ down the street. Pull them up!”

Arteaga’s YouTube video begins with a breif introduction by former New York anchorman Bill McCreary and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. Markowitz not only introduces Arteaga, he also suggests that everyday should be dedicated to pulling your pants up.

“Oh, you’re Mr. Cool; Yeah, you’re Mr. Fly. You rock your fly jeans, you rock your fly shirt, showing off your drawers like you’re wearing a mini-skirt,” the fourth-grader raps. “The London Bridge is fallin’ but not before your pants…You just draggin’ us all down.”

“Pull Ya Pants Up” is a song that Arteaga wrote with his father, Juan. He has been rapping for 4 years and hopes to show people that hip-hop and rap can have a positive side by focusing his music on good messages.

“I first started rapping when I was 5 1/2,” Arteaga said to NBC News. “I always wanted to be a star, and through rapping, I was able to perform for people and give a positive image.”

Arteaga wants to make a difference. His music speaks to issues that he feels need to be addressed, including the problem of pants sagging.

“It’s not just [people] disrespecting themselves, it’s disrespecting others around them,” Arteaga says. “Who wants to see you with your drawers hung low, and your boxers showing?”

Arteaga does not have a record deal yet, but he is well-known New York DJ community and has caught the attention of some music labels.

Arteaga will release a new song, “Stop the Violence,” within the month, and he has over a dozen more on the way as well.

“Pull Ya Pants Up!”