Monica Lewinsky Sells 'Revenge' Book For $12M, Reportedly Needed The Cash

Dusten Carlson

Monica Lewinsky has reportedly sold her tell-all "revenge" autobiography, which is thought to center heavily on the scandal with then-President Bill Clinton and how the resulting fallout has affected her life, to an unnamed publisher for a previously rumored $12M pay day.

That's right, Lewinsky's book, which was reportedly written for "revenge," has sold for $12M. If you kind-of sort-of think you remember hearing a story like this over a decade ago, you are correct! Lewinsky previously collaborated with Andrew Morton in 1999 for a book called Monica's Story. The new book isn't really a sequel so much as it's allegedly a "reboot" of the same old stuff. Taking advantage of the US public's short attention span, Lewinsky could make a career out of this every ten years or so, and she reportedly has to, because sources say that the "revenge" book isn't about truth, the other side of the story, or even revenge per se: It's about money.

"She may very well need the money," a friend told the DailyMail. "That's why she did the Andrew Morton [biography in 1998]. She had massive legal debts. It was a misconception that she came from a wealthy family. She's had trouble finding work," the source said.

"I think, if she had her dream, she would have lost 30 pounds, found a boy, moved to Westchester County, and had a family," the source continued.

No comment.

There is a twist to the new book, though. The $12M "revenge" confessional reportedly contains letters she sent to Clinton that allegedly reveal his dissatisfaction with his sex life with Hillary. Why Lewinsky has been sitting on these letters for almost two decades? It's got to be money, but what do I know? I don't have $12M.

What do you think of Monica Lewinsky and her lucrative "revenge" book?