Rare Coin Worth Thousands Spent At Face Value For Pizza

When Dakoda Garren was handed his bill for a few pizzas at Rocky’s Pizza in Battle Ground, British Columbia, he pulled out a few bills and an old Liberty quarter worth nearly $20,000 to pay the check.

The Columbian reports that Garren, who allegedly stolen the coin from a collector, spent the $20,000 coin at face value at the pizzeria. Police were alerted about the coins whereabouts after an employee at the restaurant called the police seeking a $1000 reward for the coin.

Garren supposedly came into possession of the coin after he and his girlfriend were hired by a coin collector to do some house house. The collector claims that Garren and his girlfriend stole her pricey coin collection.

The coin theft victim didn’t say how much the collection was worth but they could probably be used to purchase pizza franchises instead of slices. The Columbian reports that since Garren’s arrest, other valuable coins have turned up at movie theaters and bowling alleys. Garren and his girlfriend also used the coin to pay a few city tickets.

Garren was arrested on suspicion of first-degree theft and is currently being held in the Cowlitz County Jail on $40,000. Police will not, I assume, let him pay his bond in change.